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Wifi Calling Error

I've been trying to set up Wifi Calling on my Android Samsung Vibrant and it will not work.


Every time I try, it gives me a "W005.4 T-Mobile Network Error. Retry" message and then tells me "You are not registered with the T-Mobile network. Would you like to register?" Then brings me back to my home page when I click okay. Anyone know how to fix this?

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    I am also having this problem on my htc sensation. Can someone help here?

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    I second that. I am also having this problem with my HTC Sensation 4g. Please advise. Any help?

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    Add me to that list. Same phone, same problem. Was working a month ago.

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    Same problem. Wifi quit working about a month ago. I get the "not registered" message followed by an error message
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    Hey guys so I had this same issue (I have the Samsung Vibrant) and just found out the fix by complete accident. All you have to do is turn on your wifi from the home screen. After you are connected to the wifi then go to the wifi calling app and turn on wifi calling and go to your home screen. After about 10-15 seconds you should see the wifi calling symbol pop up in your notification bar.


    Call it a quirk but if I sit there and watch the connection status on the wifi calling I always get the tmobile network connection error, but if i just turn wifi ccalling on and then fo back to my home screen, it connects!


    Hope this helps

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    I just had this exact issue on my Sensation. I found that I had to enable UDP Ports 500 (IKE)  and 4500 (IPSec) on my firewall. Depending on your firewall (or router) you may have to allow incoming and outgoing on those ports.


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    Can you explain to me how to do this?

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    It all depends on the router model, but you can use http://portforward.com/ and find your routers Port Forwarding directions.

    First you find your router manufacturer and model on the page,

    The screen after you choose your router is an ad, in the top right there is textxwhich says "Skip This Ad" you can click on and proceed.

    Next, in the description on the upper part of the page they say "If you do not see the program you are forwarding ports for, be sure to visit our Default Guide for this router"  Choose that.

    Follow the directions on the screen, The ports you want to open are UDP 500, and UDP 4500.

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    I too am having issues with my Wi-Fi calling on my Vibrant.  It was working and in the past week or so it is no longer working.


    Does the forwarding the UDP ports work?  Anyone try that... Guess i won't hurt.


    I get an W006.15 ISP or T-Mobile Network Error msg.

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    i've forward both ports and given my phone an static ip address in my router and that hasn't helped.

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    I have 3 phones with T-Mobile - HTC MyTouch 4g (2 of them) and the Samsung Vibrant.  All of them quit being able to make WiFi calling at the same time.  I have tried connecting to other access points and nothing works.  Also, I have the @Home service and that also quit working.  Something has changed for sure.  On the @Home it shows the SIM card is inserted but I get the Not Registered....just like my 3 cell phones.  I have called T-Mobile a few times and they have no clue.  I am getting VERY frustrated.

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    Ok, I just changed my 911 Address to my work address and then suddenly WiFi calling returned to all cell phones and my @Home.  I change it back to my home address...no longer works.  Wow...wonder what made this change as I have had my home address listed for years.  I will call T-Mobile again.

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    Could you tell me how to do that?

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    Sure...and update...I changed the phones back to my home address and they all work except for the @Home...that needs to be my work address (or some other 911 address).  I haven't called T-Mobile yet.  But log into your T-Mobile account, then click on Manage...and then Your Profile...and under that Customer Info and scroll down to 911 info. Enter in some common public address and then try changing it back to your home address.

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