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    Group Messaging


      I recently left Verizon and returned to T-Mobile (purchased an LG G2).  While with Verizon, every group message I sent out or received would come in on one thread.  Now that I'm back with T-Mobile, I can send group texts out, but all replies come as individual messages.  Also, any group message sent to me comes as an individual text message from the sender, and I get individual text messages sent to me in reply to the original message (sometimes from numbers I do not know).  It's very annoying having to piece together conversations.  I've spoken to a T-Mobile representative, and I was told T-Mobile does not offer this feature (which is pretty stupid).  She also said that all recipients must have group texting enabled, which they all do considering I had no issues while with Verizon.  The representative recommended that I download a 3rd party application to fix the issue.  I've tried Hangouts and Handscent and neither grouped the thread.  Has anyone had success with grouping threads in any messaging apps?

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          Some devices will have a group message check when sending out a group message. The G2 doesn't seem to have anything specified, so it is likely it will sort messages individually unlike an iPhone and some other devices.


          We are hoping some changes come through and have been continuously passing up feedback



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            How about galaxy note 3?


            I am experiencing exactly what rlamb is experiencing. I can send out group text, though I have to add subject to it. But when my friends reply to me, I receive it as single text.


            And when my friends send me a group text, it comes in as a single text.

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              Hi hsongkoputro. The Note 3 will split the group messaging into separate threads as well. Most of our Android line does this. There are third party apps that may change this interaction, however. Please keep in mind third party applications are not T-Mobile supported.

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