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    Bluetooth problem

      I've run into an issue with using Bluetooth on my phone. Ocassionally the device won't connect to my Bluetooth earpiece. When I go into the Bluetooth settings and I try to long-press on my earpiece in the 'Bluetooth devices' section, I get a force-close error. I'm forced to restart the phone just to connect to my earpiece. This happened ever since upgrading to Gingerbread.

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          What bluetooth are you trying to pair?  What is the make?

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            Try to do a clean re-pair (i.e. delete device, then add/pair).  In between deleting device and adding/re-paring, perform a soft reset.

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              Everything seems OK now, but when the problem does happen, I can't unpair the headset (Plantronics 855). Long-pressing on it when it shows up in the bluetooth setup screen causes it to force-close.

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                Have you factory reset your device since Gingerbread?  I had the same problem with my bluetooth and my battery counter reset and Google calendar would not sync.  I factory reset, and it resolved those issues.

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                    Don't know if you're still having the issue, but I was and it would work about 50% of the time until I issued the phone a BT name other than the default... under Settings > Wireless > Bluetooth Settings > Device Name


                    may be unrelated, but some food for thought

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                      I also have problems with Bluetooth staying connected; I have a Jabra Bluetooth headset currently and previously had a Plantronics headset and have had problems with both staying connected.  They pair just fine, but while I am on calls the audio will suddenly just switch back to the handset at random.  I have to turn off the Bluetooth headset and turn it back on to continue talking throught the headset.  Very lame... I have tried deleting and re-pairing both sets; still does it.  If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.


                      P.S.: On a side note, the Sensation is THE buggiest phone I have ever owned, I am on my third one since it came out and I have had issue after issue... everytime I go to the T-Mo store or call support, they always tell me they have never heard of my particular issue before.  I can't be the only one with this bad of luck with it.  When it works, it's a great phone, but I am getting really tired of being the one to discover all of its little "quirks."

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                        I don't seem to be able to start my own thread so I reply here since my issue is also bluetooth related:


                        My G2x has worked fine (cannot say the same for the multiple G2's I had) until the latest software update.  Now everytime I go to place a call, the call drops and ends immediately.  I've done 4 master resets today alone and still the same result.  If I want to use my bluetooth I have to manually go in and disconnect it from the other device (MS Sync) and then manually reconnect it again.  Not to mention that the phone will no longer pick up the Sync if completely removed and will no longer download the phonebook (which eliminates hands free dialing).  This is unacceptable considering how often I am in and out of my vehicle daily and amount of phone usage.  Tech support told me they knew of the bluetooth issues and their final word was that is just the way it will be for now on.


                        I am really unhappy with this outcome.  I've had this cellular account since before T-Mobile, since before Voicestream, etc... back for 17 years.  I guess they don't want to make it 18 years.


                        Since you cannot roll back the software update, is there any other fix???

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                          This issue affects specific headphones from what I have been reading (affected my BlueAnt Q2).  However, the only way to "roll back" is by getting the phone rooted and installing the stock (or custom) Froyo rom.  There was just enough "issues" for me with the GB update that I went back to Froyo.

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                            The blue tooth device is Microsft Sync in my vehicle.  TMO and LG both pretty much told me tough luck.  Even better was that LG pretended they have never heard of this bluetooth problem following the OS update.  I'm pretty disgusted.

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                              Hi There:


                              Try clearing the phone cache and browser to free up memory. Un-pair then re-pair your headset with your phone. If that does not clear the problem you may try a master reset as was suggested below.


                              One thing about so called "vanilla" Android (meaning no carrier or manufacturer overlays to the operating system) is that when you want to use your BT headset you have to go into settings and manually connect it -even thought it's paired with the phone. I've experienced this same issue with the G2 and even my old G1. That won;t go away with a master reset, but you should be able to pair and keep the device paired.


                              Hope this helps,