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WiFi Calling and Nexus 5 WiFi Calling


@TMobileHelp Do you need to buy one of these phones from T-mobile Cell Phones Shop | Compare Cheap Cell Phones & Smartphones | T-Mobile to get WiFi Calling or can can you bring your own device and still use Wifi Calling?


Also, I was very disappointed to learn that the two Nexus 5 devices I am testing on the T-mobile network do not support WiFi Calling. Is WiFi Calling on the T-mobile roadmap and if so will it be available for Nexus 5's that are purchased directly from Google?


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    Based on About Wi-Fi calling under


    Where is Wi-Fi calling available?

    If you are shopping for a new device, go here and under Feature, click Wi-Fi calling to view the list of available Wi-Fi calling devices.


    As of the moment there are no updates yet if Nexus 5 will support WiFi Calling.

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    Non T-Mobile branded phones don't have the framework for WiFi calling.

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    Hey crisply,


    WiFi calling is a great feature, but right now it's only available on T-Mobile branded devices. We know this is a popular addition to our phones, and we will pass this feedback along to ensure if a change can be made, it will be!



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    Vanessa - Thank you for replying to my post.





    We have a large group of users on Verizon Wireless today. The issue for us is that Verizon has better coverage off-the-beaten-path than T-mobile and better inbuilding coverage due to the difference in spectrum.





    Tho we prefer the T-mobile offering, without WiFi Calling most of our users will need to stay with Verizon Wireless. Wifi Calling is a great equalizer for T-mobile and I would make this a very high priority.





    Thank you.





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    HI Vanessa.


    How do i get a current list of the available t-mobile branded devices that support wifi calling?



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    I don't know of a specific list.  When you look up a specific phone on TM's site it would list wifi calling as a feature, if it has it.

      All TM BB phones have had it for several years.  90% of TM Androids have had it for 3 or so years.  I don't think any Windows phones have it.  Don't know what other phones may have it. 


        I should point out to Vz users at the top of this thread that TM works extremely well in most metro areas.  I use it heavily in SF Bay area, for years.  In the past year or so - in Seattle, Portland, I-5 corridor in Ca. from Sacto, all around Fresno, to LA/Orange County, Chicago, NYC, Memphis, N.Orleans, Vegas, Rochester NY,  and our other home area, Miami.   (Sure there are others).  Admittedly, Vz. does cover flyover country and rural areas where TM doesn't. 

       Post is correct that the 800/850mz band Vz has does help inside some bldgs.   Not sure how much that affects most people.   Note:  I notice I lose cell signal deep inside local Target store.  Phone switches me to wifi.  I noticed some time ago they have free wifi.  Once I logged in, the phone rembers that hotspot from then on every time I go there.

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    I am going to evaluate the MotoX on Republic Wireless. The underlying carrier is Sprint. Republic Wireless has great pricing and WiFi calling. They are owned by Bandwidth.com. I'd prefer the Nexus 5 on T-mobile, but without WiFi calling I cannot go with T-mobile as the carrier for our company.

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    Good luck. Make sure you read all the fine print.

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    There's a limit on off WiFi calling and data usage. A vast majority of your usage has to be over WiFi. It's nothing more than a SIP/PBX with the carrier piggyback with hefty terms. For most people republic will be worse than T-Mobile $30 prepaid plan.

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    I have a back up phone using Sprint's towers on a MNVO and I live in an area

    where 4G was turned on in the first phase and barely get edge speeds. It's probably because I'm not a

    "Sprint" customer.


    If I didn't get the service for free through work there's no way I would

    pay for it.

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    Republic is alright for those who don't need anything approaching a very usable system.  It certainly isn't meant to service the needs of a business operation - which it appears you require.

    They got a little traction a few years ago - before regular carriers drastically lowered their rates.  

       I haven't seen much written about them on user's forums lately - I had assumed they faded away. 

    I assume that their phone can only be used on their system.  I haven't read the thread.   It sure couldn't be used on TM or ATT.


    Here is some discussion:

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