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    email setup not working

      I recently switched carriers to tmobile, and "downgraded" to an bbry 8320.  I cannot set up my email access.  When I use the setup wizard, it only gives me the options 1) "I want to use a work email address wtih a Blackberry Enterprise Server" and 2) "I want to skip email setup".  I didn't have to use Blackberry enterprise server previously, and don't see any reason to use it now.  How can I get email set up?




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          You need the data service specific for BlackBerrys.  If you are supposed to have it and it has been several hours since you activated your account, call T-Mobile customer service and make sure your account setup was done properly.

          If you just activated your account, you ought to give it an hour or two, or three.  Usually the service books get pushed the to handset immediately, but sometimes it takes a little while.
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            .... If you didn't get the BlackBerry data service, then you will need to get it in order to use BlackBerry email, BBM, etc.