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    car mode issues after gingerbread update

      Less then 24 hours after the gingerbread update, my phone thru itself into card mode. When I hit exit car mode it will only stay off for a few seconds and throw itself right back into car mode. Ive shut down the phone, Ive forced closed the app. I called tmobile support and they wanted me to master reset the phone but Im trying to avoid that. Any Sugestions? HELP!

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          I realize you're associating this with the Gingerbread update, but make sure you haven't introduced magnets into your phone's environment.  Android phones can automatically recognize if they're in a dock (bedside dock or car dock) with little magnets in (some) docks.  (If you wave a magnet behind the phone in just the right spot, you can watch this happen -- or go watch a YouTube video of the same.)


          Anyway, magnets, like the magnets in some phone holsters used to hold the flap closed, and can activate this sensor.  I had this problem with my G2.  About every 5th time I put the phone in its holster, it would think it's docked, and would automatically unlock itself -- which is not what I want when the phone is in the holster.  If this is what's going on with you, you can download an app called "Dock Blocker" (and I'm sure there's others) to help.  (Annoyingly, this holster with the magnet issue was sold by T-Mobile *for* the G2!  :-D  Can't win 'em all.)


          On the other hand, your phone could just be screwed up in general, and this advice won't help, but I thought it was worth a mention, since it drove me nuts for about a week until I figured it out.

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            wanjae may be on to something, but I would also try shutting down, pulling the battery for a minute or so, then pop the battery back in and turn the phone on. Sometimes a simple boot cycle just sin't enough.


            If that doesn't work, you could try clearing the (Dalvik) cache partition, as documented here: http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-2198  That's less painful than a factory reset, but it can clear out corrupted data more so than a reboot can.

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              As stated, magnets will play havoc in restarting your car mode.  You could try Dock No-Op in the market.  It is free, and when installed it will not appear in your application drawer.  Don't worry it is loaded.  You may need to power off and on to start it.  It keeps your car app from restarting.  You'll still need to keep the magnet problem from starting it, but other than that it runs in the background.  It does not eat up battery life either.

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                thank you thank you thank you. that annoying car mode **** was driving me crazy.  it was automatically opening up the speaker phone, kept interrupting my searches ... i did the reboot and so far so good.  i really appreciate not having to throw my phone!

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                  it also may because it got damp not wet in the charger port or the headphone jack that is what happened to mine it lasted for 3 days now all good again

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                    I have the same problem on my G2. Immediately after the OTA 2.3.4 update, my phone has been going in and out of car mode.


                    Dozens of times a day.


                    Sometimes it happens multiple times when I am on a call or am online. It is killing the battery life as the screen comes up everytime car mode switches on. Not to mention incredibly annoying. The phone also goes in and out of speakerphone during a call!


                    I did a 'master reboot' in a tmobile store last week, but the problem persists. The only temporary relief I have currently, is I installed an app called 'dock no op'. It doesn't allow the phone to go into car mode (at least not completely, the car still goes into mode, but only shows the icon on status bar), but my phone still does not work perfectly.


                    I spoke to a tmobile tech support last week, and they noted my problem, and saw that this has happened on several phones to date. Hopefully they will release a fix for this bug.


                    I don't know if I can wait for their software fix as my phone is my work phone.


                    I have had my g2 since february and I love the phone (until now). My phone now does not properly, and I may not be be able to wait for a software fix. I paid a lot of money for this phone, I also pay a lot of money for my monthly charges, and now the phone does not work properly due to 'software update' that tmobile put out.


                    I wish I could go back to the previous Android version (is that possible)??

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                      Dear Travellinjack:


                      I also had this problem.  It made me hate my phone for a few days.  I noticed that I could not "uninstall" the car mode like other apps, so I force stopped it and it made my phone go even crazier.  I wanted to see if there were options before a factory reset at the store, and my investigations brought me to this support page.  I knew it wasn't a magnet or dampness issue, so after I read up some, what I ended up doing is the factory fast boot thing for recovery (the directions above to clear the caches), but I had to do it twice.


                      Noteworthy: the first time I did it, it worked temporarily.  Then it started going all crazy again with the same issues that you experienced.  I did not turn my phone off for any period of time.


                      The second time I did it, I rebooted again, and this time, after I did it, I turned the phone off for a while.  When I finally turned it back on, the car mode icon was no longer on the notification bar and my phone seems to be back to normal.


                      When I checked the settings, the car mode seems to have normalized and now if I want to turn the car mode on, I have to go to my menu to do it (the way I preferred it).


                      I hope this helps you to get your G2 back in order and you to loving your phone.


                      ps: I did not download the Dock No Op app as my phone was going so crazy I couldn't download anything that was less than a minute to load.  If you want to be on the safe side, you might want to still download the app, but I haven't.

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                        Thanks for the advice; I did the reboot as you described above and it worked!


                        The phone seems to be functioning normally again. I still had the 'dock no op' app on my phone, but it appears that the car mode has not been going on/off like before.


                        The phone is functioning normally again, so I am hesitant to remove the app at the moment. I'll wait a few days and attempt it then.


                        Thanks again!

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                          Well I don't know about every body else, but nothing has fixed my problems. Speaker phone stays activated and the car mode app does not stop opening and closing. I have done the cache reset, factory reset, and downloaded the dock no op app and nothing fixes it. Any other suggestions? By the way the correct answer, makes me angry... cause it's not correct! It may be helpeful, but in my case its BS!

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                            Same for me.  I have tried every single thing recommended on this thread and nothing has worked.  After each "fix"; cache reset, factory reset (3 times), downloading dock no op, etc., the issue seems to fix itself but only for a little while before it goes back to randomly going into car mode.  It is driving me insane.  It seems to be connected to the IM function.  It doesn't start doing it until I am having a long conversation on the IM.  I am tearing my hair out.  This is an ISSUE WITH THE SOFTWARE UPDATE, and TMobile needs to fix it.  NOW!

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                              After many hours on hold waiting for technical support to answer at TMo customer service, I finally got a live person to talk to.  I had gone into a store and they all ran away from me when I whipped out my G2.  They were all seemingly to0 busy to help me, and suggested that I "call customer care".


                              According to the nice advance technician I spoke to today, the car mode issue is the top known issue related to the Gingerbread update.  They are collecting data to send to HTC and he stated they have someone working directly with HTC to get a fix for this.  He then asked me questions relative to applications running, phone state, IMEI, etc. so they can get a good idea of where the software conflicts lies.  They are going to try to escalate the fix, and will rollout an update.  I asked the time frame, and he said that if I don't see an update rolled out in a week to call them back and they will work on something else with me.  The important thing he said was not to take my SIM card out and put it in a backup phone because I would be skipped over if the rollout happened.  When I asked him if I was then expected to put up with a phone that does not work properly until then, he said "yes".


                              Hope this helps anyone who is at their wit's end.  I know it's not much of a help fix-wise, but just having some information might calm your nerves.  Good luck.

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                                Update since my post on 9/13:   the 'cache reboot' has been working reasonably well. My phone did slip into car mode 2 days ago ( i believe twice in a 1 hour period), but has not done so since.


                                BTW, As posted on 9/13, at that time I also did the 'fast boot thing for recovery cache ' twice as the first time it did not take. On the second time, I too turned off the phone for about an hour, and the problem has been mostly resolved since.


                                I guess I am lucky if there are still others having this annoying problem. I hope they do come up with a 'fix' soon.

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                                  well, everyone,


                                  this gingerbread car mode has us all in a huff, and i completely understand.


                                  i have to give you an update about what happened to my phone.


                                  as you know, i did the cache clearing thing, several times. unfortunately, what ended up happening is that the phone would normalize for a day or so, and then it would go back to crazy car moding.


                                  so, that said, there were two more things i did and the phone has been ok.  although i preface this by saying that it acts like it wants to go into car mode, but it doesn't.


                                  i ended up clearing the cache again, then i downloaded the dock no op, then i went and i factory reset my phone through the cache clearing menu.  i was very upset because i thought i would lose everything on my phone, but it seems to have restored it to the good old days---although i lost every app i ever installed, i thought this was a small sacrafice in order to have the crazy car mode go away.


                                  once i did this, and then had the dock no op in place, so far, so good.  now remember, my preface--it still glitches. every once in a  while it will act like it's going into car mode, but the dock no op has prevented it from going full blown hair pulling crazy car mode.


                                  Tmobile support folk, if you are reading these posts, please find a resolution because i don't know how long this peaceful time with my G2 will last .... as to other users here, i hope you find this information helpful and the crazy car mode doesn't drive you, well, um, too crazy.

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                                    Just wanted to add that I have been having the same issues. Car mode turns itself on automatically, speakerphone comes on when I try to answer the phone, and my battery has been draining super fast. Sadly, last week somehow, a few drops of moisture got into my phone and turned the indicator pink. Now I'm afraid I'm screwed. I will try the dock no-op thing to see if it helps, but it sounds like everything is a temporary fix. I took the battery out and that helped for a while, but then it started again.

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