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Lost Phone and FamilyWhere issues


Hello all,


My father lost his phone a couple of days ago and in an effort to find it, we signed up for FamilyWhere to track the phone. He is the primary account holder and his number is the main one. After signing up for FamilyWhere, we suspended his service on his device so no one could rack up charges making phony calls (pardon the pun). But here's the problem: we subscribed to FamilyWhere under his account and after we suspended it, we weren't able to access the service again to check locations. I thought about unsuspending the service, but the warning message said that a phone could only be suspended/unsuspended once in a calendar year. So if I unsuspend it for the tracking service, I won't be able to resuspend it, correct?


What should I do in this case? Any advice?