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    Contract price for this phone is absurd!


      T-Mobile is the ONLY wireless company charging upwards of 200.00 more for this device ON CONTRACT than any other carrier in the WORLD (NOT country but WORLD!)  There is no way I'm paying over 400 bucks for this (tax included!)  They better either change this price or they are going to lose A LOT of sales.  I know for a fact they have already received TONS of complaints about the price on their Facebook page alone.


      Even top Android phones don't cost that much on contract, there is no excuse in this!  If the price is not changed I'm waiting for the Curve to come out in September...

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          I just picked up the phone this morning.  I was going to use the Tmobile finacing option I've had for years so I could just make interest free payments for 19 months.


          Well because my plan has now become "grandfathered" I cannot use that service anymore unless I change my plan and go into another 2 year contract.


          I paid in full for the phone cause I didn't want another 2 year agreement (been off contract for a good while), but I'd think they would have given a better option for someone that was with them since 2003.


          Oh well.

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            Hey how do you like your phone?? I'm still trying to decide if I want the MT4G Slide or this phone. I might just wait a few more months. Thanks

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              Checked out this phone today to see what kind of deal they could offer me. She initially said that the full discount price was about $367 with tax. I said, wow, that's really way way more than I was looking to spend. She asked me if I could hold for a few minutes.


              She came back and said she had been able to get approval for something she thought would make me happy. She said that they would still charge me $367 on the monthly bill, but then she will put a $250 credit on the bill. So the phone is mine for $117 including tax, and free next day shipping.


              Wow, in my opinion, I couldn't turn that offer down. Plus I'll probably send in my Blackberry 9700 through the TradeUp Program for $100 back. All in all, not too bad. It had been 21 months since I last upgraded.

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                I do like the phone, it's really fast compared to my 9700.  They keyboard is frikken outstanding...I can fly through emails and texts so much faster than before.  The screen looks really good, and even though it's a touch screen I still automatically default to using the trackpad lol


                Not having UMA is kinda annoying.  Granted I actually do get a better signal in my house then I did with the 9700, having UMA would be really nice.  If they do every release the update for WiFi calling I'll be more happy.  The only time I ever needed UMA is at my house and at my work.


                I've had the phone freeze on my a couple of time so far, one setting up email...once going in to the clock settings and the other opening up slacker radio.  Two of those time I actually had to do a battery pull and the slacker one it just took maybe a minute or two and it started to work again.


                I still have 29 more days to decide if I want to keep the phone (minus restocking fee)...so we shall see if I go with this one or my trusty 9700.


                Sorry for the long post.

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                  Seriously! WTF T-Mobile? Why are you try to gouge your loyal customers?


                  Verizon is retailing at $509.99. $249.99 w/ 2 year contract.


                  Sprint is retailing at $499.99. $199.99 w/ 2 year contract.



                  T-Mobile! How are you justifing selling it at $599.99 retail and $299.99 w/ 2year contract?


                  I would have bought this phone today if it was at a resonable price. I have the Bold 9700 currently and have been waiting for this phone for quite some time. But I am NOT going to pay that price! As soon as you drop the price, I will buy the phone!


                  Preferably to the Sprint price.

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                    Let me start my post by saying that I agree with you, stinckyfoot, so don't shoot the messenger!  T-Mobile is going to justify their price by saying that theirs (as far as I know) is the only one with 4G. 


                    I give it 3-4 weeks before the price drops.  Shorter if the reaction on this forum is widespread and acknowledged by T-Mobile.  Longer if a lot of the business customers grab this up at the current price anyway.

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                      Good point aboot the 4G thing. Makes more sense than my reason!   I was thinking because AT&T didn't have theirs yet and have no time frame for release. I was thinking it was a competition thing since both carriers are GSM. Funny thing, now that I am actually reading this as I type, it makes no sense!  lol.


                      I am hopeing the private sector doesn't buy it, so the price does drop, and yes, if the reaction in the forums are greater!


                      LETS UNITE!!!!



                      oh and side note, no US "4G" phone is actually 4G, neither does any US carrier provide 4G. As I think the majority of us know. So much no false advertising!

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                        Technically, it's not false advertising.  This one was fought in court (I think AT&T brought the suit initially, but don't quote me).  The courts allowed anything that was theoretically faster than 3G to be marketed as 4G. 


                        I agree with you that no carrier is providing 100 Mbps theoretical throughput for data speeds, but I think that the courts determined that most customers don't care about that.

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                          I just purchased my 9900 from Walmart.com for $214.00. I wont pay what Tmo is asking.

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                            Also back in December the ITU which is responsible for the 4G standard modified its definition to allow all the 3.5G technologies to market as 4G as long as they delivered a significant improvement over 3G performance.

                            Since even Verizon's LTE doesn't scale to the pure definition of 4G (100 mbps mobile) no one can really complain. However, when LTE-Advanced hits there will be a concerted effort by its pioneer to shut down everyone else's advertising. The question is whether, by then, the term will have become thoroughly devalued currency?
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                              I completely agree!! In fact, at sprint it's $199. Ive been w/ t-mobile for 10 years (!!) and they were more than willing to have me leave as a customer vs help me break up the price into a couple payments, or at least apply the rebate at the point of sale. I mean Jeez! FOr as long as i've been with them, it's so horrible to get talked to like a child. The new rates theyre offering is the same price ive been "grandfathered" into. Beyond that, the last mail in rebate took a year and a half to get to me. So i didnt think it was an outrageous request to apply it when I was making the buy. When i said i'd rather quit and go to at&t for an iphone, operator told me it would be $250 to leave, even though I had just agreed to the 2 year extension a week before when i tried to pre-order the 9900 (as was advertised on the tmobile site, though it was not, in fact, available for pre-order). So to "make it easier next time you call" the guy said, "lets get that contract stuff out of the way now and you wont have to do it when you call back to buy the phone". Then when the phone rang in at $415 instead of $299 (the advertised price), and i wasnt into it, I had no options. By the way, my other tmobile blackberry was broken, so i was without a phone. With only one upgrade, i didnt want to burn it on a **** phone. SO, a decade-old customer, trying to buy their newest, most expensive blackberry gets treated like ****, and basically told, "we dont care if youre a customer or not", which always feel great coming from someone I give over $100 to every month. Gotta love the direction tis company has taken.

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                                Actually if you go into the store, they have discounts that they can apply that will bring the price down a lot.  I am also grandfathered in and the replies I received online were crazy.  Basically pay $500 or don't get one.  And by the way... you cannot make payments and we are charging you an upgrade fee. 


                                So I left the store with the phone and three accessories (thick protective skin, car dock & charger) for less than $350.  If one store gives you a hard time, try another.

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                                  I had the opposite happen to me.  In store the charge was $500+. I informed the clerk that the prices online were considerably less than what they were selling it for.  I was told that the store doesn't go by online prices. I got a more favorable deal through customer care on the phone.