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    sd card issues

      Ok, i installed a 32 gb sd card in my GS2.  It workef for 24 hours then suddenly it didnt recognize it.  I tried reformatting and remounting but both failed.  The phone sees it but it says it is blank or has unsupported file system.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

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          take it back

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            Unfortunately i bought it off of craigslist.  Any other suggestions?  Any fixes i could try?

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              Reformat it on your PC with a card reader?

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                What class/speed is it?

                Which brand is it?


                Around June last year, there was lots of talk about some "known" "industry-wide" issue with Android phones reading 32 gb Class 10 micro sd cards.


                I don't what happened in the end.





                “We have found that there is an industry wide compatibility problem with the new Android based and Windows 7 phones working with 32GB class 10 micro SD cards. We have seen issues with the Samsung Focus, Motorola Driod/X, HTC Evo 4g. We are currently working on a solution for this compatibility issue. Google and Microsoft have stated that there are known compatibility issues with 32GB class 10 micro SD cards and are working on a solution as well.




                We have found a fix that works in many cases, where you format the card in a Windows based PC, with FAT32, allocation size 32kb, and full format. This is not an official fix, but troubleshooting steps that has worked in many cases, we are still working on a permanent solution for this issue.




                Thank You for choosing Patriot Memory!”














                We have no issues replacing your card; however there's a likely chance that if you use the replacement card in your phone, the issue will re-appear. We are working hard on a solution, but we still have some work to do."

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                  Hey buckweezer!


                  Were any of thees suggestions helpful?  If so, let us know!




                  - Ian

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                    Hi I have a similar problem and I can't see how to initiate a new discussion thread so here it is.


                    For some reason some of my recorded videos that I stored on my SD card (long video files) can now no longer be deleted for some reason. I tried to use a PC SD card reader to read it and then tried to delete those big video files, but it won't work.. any idea why is this?

                    When I use USB cable to hook it up to my PC and tried to copy (backup) the two folders (T989_HDD) and (T989_SD) to my PC, I also ran into some error messages during the backup... See screenshots below


                    View image: weird cache file name Android


                    Any idea why is this and how to fix this problem? Thanks!