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    Grip of Death


      I don't want to jinx it but I THINK the Grip of Death appears to be "resolved" in the update?


      I drop a little when I completely cover my phone, I don't lose wifi signal when I could reproduce it before when holding it a little wonky.


      Anyone else?

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          it seems a little better.. but download wifi analyzer and try it.. its still definitely there.

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            how do i stop getting notifications on this group. i found out i have a htc sunfire with sence not a sensation

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              On the top right of a thread (or forum), there's an option to stop email notifications.


              Can't tell you how to do it in Mobile View

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                You have quite a rep here in the forums and the fabled "death grip" has been such a disappointment for all of us, so I took some extra time and care to reproduce your results. At first, there was some hope of improvement, but alas, it's all about delicate finger placement.  For us all who are "veteran" users, (lol, as if 2 months qualifies) we have learned plenty of individual techniques to improve signal by re-cradling it in every uncomfortable way except the one "natural" way and hope for more bars. However, I can still kill my signal at will, the beast still exists. Doubt any software update will fix this problem.  We're gonna have to wait for a YOUTUBE submission of someone with superglue and aluminum foil.  Hardware issue, I curse thee.

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                  Yep -- know your rep.


                  I'm just saying that I'm TRYING to death-grip.  covering my phone's back... and the only way I can "close" to death-grip it is to cup the entire phone in my hand... but, at that point it's not usable.


                  I'm not going to say it's gone, but I'm saying I was able to reproduce it when I got my device, but am having difficulties reproducing it now.

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                    It does state in the update's official release, there is an "improvement in wifi connectivity." I think we both have acknowledged that as I was surprised to get an additional bar in an area where I was able to death grip easily. I would NOT have noticed this improvement without your post, thank you for that. However I had to reply because your initial post does state "appears to be resolved."  I wanted it to be true  I'm just browsing the forums because of the update and truly thankful for all the observations you and everyone have made to save me tons of time and effort.

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                      I actually hold my phone in a way that loses the wifis when I'm watching a video with low audio. I'll cup my hand so that the audio from the speaker is directed back towards my ear. Haha. It's only been a problem at work where the wifi signal is really low in my studio but it's there and sometimes makes it hard to find a reason to not work.