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    New galaxy s freezes / powers off

      Just purchased a new galaxy s for my wife.  After 2 days in use the phone freezes up, vibrates, and then powers off and then back on again.  Also had some issues with third party apps  disappearing and the sd card card stating it is "not formatted".  The phone came on this morning and everything works fine for the moment.  Has anyone had any similar issues or have any recommendations?  Will T-mobile replace the phone if its defective?problems are on a

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          Other than the SD card issue I have been having all of the above and just putting up with it.


          Any recomendations here?

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            i have the same problem ive noticed the batter thing will have a red question mark over it and even tho the batter is full it freezes shuts down then restarts a few seconds later. ive tried a factory rest and that still has not solved my problem.

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              I am on my 3rd galaxy s replacement phone. I have had nothing but problems with it. It freezes and wont unfreeze unless I pop the battery out and restart the phone, its slow, it freezes while trying to toggle between screens, it freezes on incoming calls leaving me unable to answer them, if I click on the phone button for the dialer it instantly jumps back to the home screen and the same with the messages, apps will force close for no reason, sometimes the phone wont even ring when a call or a text comes in and the volume is up to 100%. I dont realize a call is coming in unless I happen to look down at it and see it visually. That isnt a constant issue just a once in a while thing but annoying none the less. I have been dealing with T Mobile for months regarding this and even with Samsung. Nobody wants to accept responsibility on a faulty phone. Instead they keep sending me replacement galaxy phones in which they work for a day or two and then all the issues start up again. I have done factory resets, full resets and cleared the phones memory and still... same issues... I am at my wits end with this phone. If anyone has ANY advice on what to do please let me know!

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                Spoke to TM tech support again today... they insist that it is something on my phone using up too much memory yet after going through all the apps and what not on my phone (which I did before and even did a master reset w/o the memory card installed & left it out for 3 days) they still cant seem to figure out what the issue is. Now I was told to use the task manager and clear the RAM out a few times a day. Honestly I dont see how it will help considering after my LAST master reset with out the memory card in it and no apps installed other than what came standard with the phone, it still froze, was slow and didnt want to work right. I am at my woits end with this phone but I will do as they asked and try it and we shall see by Saturday if it helps any or not...

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                  I've been having the same problems. Mostly like janegomez's problem, but the freeze/shut-down, too. It all started after I loaded the software upgrade about 6 months ago. My wife has the same phone, but never loaded the upgrade. She has not had this problem.