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HTC One S unable to update to 4.0.4 help!

Hey tmobile commmunity. I have been having a very frustrating problem for the last month or so. I just recieved a Tmobile HTC One S from a contest at my local tmobile store. The phone is the legitimate tmobile version, it has the branding on the front to prove. I soon learned that there was an update made available for this phone, the update to android 4.0.4, which apparently addresses many of the issues on my phone such as the annoying menu bar, the data connection delay, the home screen loading, and the constant random restarts.


However, when I went into my phone settings to check for updates, the phone gives me a message saying the my phone is up to date, although I am running 4.0.3 and there is a 4.0.4 update out there. I tried contacting tmobile support for help with the issue and they pointed me to HTC claiming that they send out the update. I called HTC and they pointed me back to tmobile claiming the tmo sent out the updates and that HTC only makes them.

On top of that, the page for the update is missing on HTC's website, despite the fact that it was there earlier.


The tmobile rep told me the only thing left for me to do was bring it up in the forums, so here I am now. I am looking for a solution to my phone being unable to update to the 4.0.4 sofware.

I will include some of my phone info here.


Not rooted, never rooted before

HTC One S (Tmobile with tmobile SIM)

Android 4.0.4

Sense 4.0

Software #: 1.53.531.7 710RD