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    Terrible phone

      I have had nothing but issues with this phone. The phone keeps dropping calls, shows full bars with 4G and won't connect to anything. I have lived in the same area for 4 years and never had these problems with the last 2 phones I had (MT4G and Vibrant). Customer service and Contract review have been a joke to deal with. Really wish I wasn't locked in to a 2 year contract so I could go to another company. I've been here for almost 8 years now and have never been so aggravated by something.

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          Hey theronw68,


          Were you able to resolve the issue?  Has the service improved?  Let us know



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            The service has not improved. Was really hoping the JB update would be rolling out soon to see if that might clear up any issues. But as of now, not happy with the phone or Tmo.

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              Its possible you have a bad device or it was good and suddently went bad. Its an an electroinc device, they can go bad.. But it doesnt sound like your doing much to get it fixed.

              If its a hardware problem you need to go into a store so you can do some in house comparisons with other TMO devices.

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                I have actually worked with tech support several times and they have sent me out the same model already and the same problems persist. I understand electronic devices go bad. I am a technician. I didn't have any problems in the same area with the last 2 4G phones I had(sidekick4g and MT4G). I see other people all over this and other forums that have the same kind of issues. I wish HTC or T-Mobile would do something about it like push out a maint. update. I don't really care if it's the JB update, just something that will make this phone work.

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                  regarding JB updates


                  Currently, there's is no information available regarding possible upcoming OS upgrades. You can also check out the Software Update page Software update: HTC One S for the latest updates available for your device.



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                    What's taking Tmo so long? Seems like the rest of the world has the update for the one s.

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                      I seriously doubt an upgrade to Jelly Bean is going to help resolve your problem.  HTC phones have long been plagued with a number of problems - dropped calls and poor reception due to their placing the antenna in the back cover, dust seeping under the glass, power button issues and last but not least intermittant reboot.  My previous phone was an HTC and it had all of these problems as did the replacement ones I received. 


                      At various times HTC has said they are aware of these problems and are working on a solution, yet with each new phone released the same problems persist.  When the new One was annoucned and everybody in the press was going gaga the first thing I did was check where the antenna was located. It's in the back cover where I suspect it will be subject to the same reception problems that has plagued every HTC ever made.  They don't seem to learn from their mistakes and it's no wonder they keep losing market share.