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Are you even LISTENING??

T-Mobile, you have a lot of disappointed 710 customers out here, and we're waiting to hear from you.


We had the disappointment of learning that we weren't getting WP8, but at least we could understand why.  We got our hopes up about 7.8, followed the news, and waited for the release date, only to find out that we weren't getting the update.  This is frustrating.


What's more frustrating is that you've been almost entirely silent about this. In fact, we didn't even learn from you that you weren't rolling out the update.  We had to find out from Nokia. The closest thing we've received to an official response from T-Mobile - in all of the internet - is a post from Drew, a moderator here on the forums, who said only



T-Mobile and Nokia have not announced any update.  If there is an update, we want to make sure we get you the best experience.





There have in fact been announcements from Nokia and Microsoft, and you know this. Again, while it's frustrating that we aren't (as far as we know) getting 7.8, the most frustrating - and confusing - thing is your continued silence on the issue.


Your customers are real people who are paying you money, hoping to get not only a good phone but good service.  We know that you won't always have good news for us, but bad news is better than no news, especially when we're obviously asking to hear something.  Maybe it's that it's going to cost too much for you to test and approve 7.8 on the 710 (though I doubt it), but if that's the case, then tell us.  Of course you have to look after the bottom line, but if you take good care of your customers, the bottom line will be good because you'll have people beating down your doors to buy your products and services.


We have choices and options, and for now, we've chosen you. You're forcing us to question that choice, and that definitely won't be good for the bottom line.

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