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Windows update and T-Mo Customer Service

Yesterday after watching my phone perform one of its many random reboots again, I decided to call Customer Service and I talked with a wonderful young lady who really didn't understand my point but the outcome is pretty comical.  I thought I'd condense and share it here.


So I called and asked the automated answering machine for Technical Support.  Of course I got the initial support group.  I then explained to this young lady that I was looking for information on the release of the Windows update, if she had anything she could tell me.  She said "are you having trouble with your device?" to which my "yes" caused her to pull out her script.  She began to then retrace steps that I've been through a few time with CS and I told her that I had (being real nice as she was trying real hard to do her job, satisfy me and still stick to her script).  She apparently didn't understand what I was telling her as she apologized again and we continued through the steps so familiar now - "have you rebooted your phone" to "try pulling the battery" which of course we cannot.


This continued and I just sat there with my head resting on my hand smiling, listening to her and just saying "yes" at each of her points of direction - letting her run through her script (there was no way I could get upset with her, she was trying real hard to help) she got towards the end of her script and asked me to check the release of the firmware.  I gave it to her and she said "oh, you already have the latest release, you must have a bad phone.  I'll overnight a replacement to you for free as you have the insurance coverage."  I told her that I really didn't want another device, all I wanted was the update and she reiterated that I have the latest release so I acquiesced and just said okay.


I'll most likely just send it back (this all is costing me a $5.00 fee) as I have mine setup and loaded the way I want it.  So, is there a T-Mo support folks here that can actually tell me when the Windows update will roll out?