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MSL Code for T-Mobile Users

Hi all,


I have purchased an unlocked Blackberry 9650, and wanted to use it with my T-Mobile sim card.  After following all the steps as much as I can as explained in the T-Mobile website I still have some problems as "Activation Required" is still indicated in my main screen.


I can:


- Make calls, receive calls.

- Browse internet in the built-in browser,

- Send and receive SMS,

- Send and receive e-mails.


However I can't use applications such as Facebook or Twitter as the phone says that I don't have a valid data plan to use facebook which is not true. And the "Activation required" text still persists to stay on the top of my screen.


As I did my own research on internet (I am not familiar with these technicualities of mobile phones) I saw that I still needed to make a final update in the mobile's registry, and for that I need a MSL code.  I have come across posts which claim that T-Mobile provides this to eligible customers.  Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.