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    S3  and new LTE in 2013

      Will the s3 support the LTE network coming in 2013?  or hspa+ all it will do..

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          nevermind think I just answered my own question.. the radio in the sgh-t99 (tmobile s3)  is a Qualcomm MSM8960.  I just pulled this off qualcomms site.... 

          The dual-core MSM8960 is the world’s first dual-core solution with an integrated multi-mode 3G/LTE modem and was designed to meet the requirements of multi-tasking smartphones and tablets. It will include dual asynchronous CPU cores which can be independently controlled for maximum efficiency. The MSM8960 will also support dual-channel LP DDR memory and will feature the Adreno 225 GPU which delivers eight times the performance of the original Adreno


          so i am guessing the answer is yes...YAY



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            The real answer is no, because the T-Mobile LTE will be on the wrong frequency for our phones.

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              I dunno  I just chatted with support to confirm what I posted above and they are saying it will also

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                Will just have to wait till late next year to find out.

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                  ya  but I just bought  might wanna return it and wait....   two reps said yes.  Then again can find it all over the net that it will not......

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                    T-Mobile is planing on using an off Frequency for their LTE. Roll out starting Mid next year. May take many months before it is close to everywhere.

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                      OK I triple checked this....


                      Please wait while we find an agent to assist you... 

                      You have been connected to !Benny L.

                      shane: Straight answer please...will my galaxay s3 utilize the new upcoming LTE network?

                      !Benny L: Hi, Shane. Thank you for contacting T-Mobile Live Chat. My name is Benny L. and my Rep ID is 1450181. I'd be happy to inform you that yes, the Samsung S3 can definitely utilize our LTE network.

                      !Benny L: I can see that you have the S3 right now, may I know if you have issues with your new phone?

                      shane: ok i am very lost on this... on tmobiles support forums the answer is no the the upcoming LTE is on a different band??......

                      !Benny L: The LTE is and enhanced 4G speed of data connection which means it's faster, Shane.

                      shane: no i love it so far only had it a day...but if there is gonna be another coming that will support LTE network (faster downloads) I migth return it and wait

                      shane: support said it will only use the HSPA 42

                      !Benny L: I see. Rest assure that your S3 can have the LTE network connection, no problem on that end. Will there be any more concern that you want me to address?

                      shane: and that the LTE when released will not work..... see my confusion here lol

                      !Benny L: I'm sorry that you are confused, right now our 4G is on the HSPA speed for downloads and we are leading very fast on the way to LTE connection.

                      !Benny L: We had update that we are going to have LTE Network completed by the latter part of next for almost all locations, Shane.

                      shane: and my s3 WILL utilize it?

                      !Benny L: It definitely can. No problems with the phone supported by T-Mobile itself and S3 is definitely one of them.

                      shane: ok thank you very much!

                      !Benny L: You're welcome. Thank you for contacting T-Mobile Live Chat. We appreciate your business. You do have a great evening, Shane.





                      on the other hand more I think of it I am happy with the current speed of it as it is right now!  it is very fast and smooth phone..I upgrades from the galaxy s4g...very happy with it

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                        Again time will tell. I hope the rep is correct myself as the HPSA+ is slow in my area.

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                          Just my opinion.  I have an S3 and am right outside of Philly.  I still get regular drops to Edge so I do not even get 4G on a regular basis.  Before LTE even becomes relavent the S4 will be out.  I would be happy even if the S3 did not get LTE but kept the 4G signal 90% of the time...

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                            "Benny" is an idiot that is just another chat moron who does not have a clue. The S3 will not support TM's LTE. As mentioned, the S3 does not support the frequency that TM wil be using. Its easy to confirm on the web.


                            "We had update that we are going to have LTE Network completed by the latter part of next for almost all locations"


                            I think this shows that "Benny" is an outsourced chat rep.




                            "A T-Mobile spokesperson confirmed to CNET today that despite the same LTE radio in every GS3 model coming to the U.S., Samsung's new flagship Android 4.0 phone will not ride T-Mobile's forthcoming LTE network:

                            The Samsung Galaxy SIII won't run on T-Mobile's LTE network in the future, but we will continue to operate our HSPA+ 42 network when we launch LTE in 2013.

                            T-Mobile's AWS spectrum is the culprit here, since it will carry T-Mo's LTE network. AT&T and Verizon, on the other hand, use bands in the 700MHz spectrum for their LTE. Adding support for T-Mobile's unlaunched LTE network would mean adding more bands in the LTE radio.

                            "The device is the same across carriers," a Samsung spokesperson confirmed in an e-mail, "but [the phones] are optimized to work on each carrier's specific network."

                            However, a T-Mobile spokesperson updated his statement to contradict Samsung: "Galaxy S III contains a different chipset than our competitors. Ours is the MSM8260 which does not support LTE, only HSPA.""

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                              I dont take what cnet as set in stone truth. They are the cnn if the net.    Yes tmobile techs are clueless.  I contacted samsung directly and they confirmed tmobiles sght999.  Has the msm8960....would cut and paste if I could figure out how...(ill edit once I am home)     cnet says has the 8260 which is incorrect. So that entire article is bs

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                                Except it quotes a tmobile spokesperson. Also if you look at the frequencies that the US phone uses they don't match what tmobile will be using

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                                  The phone does support LTE that is a fact but tmobile will be using a different frequency.

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                                    tcope, this is what I have been what I have been saying. Why the argument because of a rep that does not know as much about the phone as the user, I don't know.

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