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    HTC One S update



      I have officially updated to the latest version for the HTC one S. And I was wondering has anyone else done this? If so, what changes have you noticed becasue I dont see any? I heard they added some tabs sections in the browser. And when they say User Interface, what do they mean by that?


      Does anyone have some tricks that are not in the manual? And Now that I have updated, going out of an application to the home screen gives me  Loading dialogue. I thought it was suppose to help this...

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          I have so far noticed three things with this update (which I've had since Monday):


          1. It fixed the "Airplane Mode stuck while on WiFi Calling" problem.
          2. It seems to have greatly improved WiFi calling performance.
          3. There is a new setting that allows you to change the behavior of the far right soft button (Recent Apps) to give you the option of using it as a menu key, recent apps key, and you get the other option on a long press.  I have mine set now on short press = menu, long press = recent apps.


          So far, the second item is by far the most valuable fix for me!

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            Oh Ok. Yea the WIFI calling was really bad. use to have to tell ppl, "I will call you back, let me tak off my WIFI"  So I will give this a try later.


            I thought maybe besides the TECHNICAL things, that they would update like Icons, or the wya certain things look. Like Text messaging features and what not. But, I guess when the NEXT update rolls around, we shall see what that holds huh.


            Thank you

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              Here is a link to the description of everything they attempted to fix with the update:



              I also see better bluetooth connectivity; my earpiece would drop and reconnect randomly while in standby mode (but never, thankfully, while in use).