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g2x gingerbread update

Is it normal after updating to gingerbread manual u lose connection to the network that keep on saying connection failed? In the software update that's all I'm getting now?
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    First, when was the last time you had your sim replaced?  Second, it is a good idea after Gingerbread update to reset your phone. I couldn't get my calander to sync and my battery counter to reset right after update.  When I reset, everything started working right.

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    See if this helps any:


    WCDMA - (Wideband Code Division Multiple) - 3g

    GSM - (Global System for Mobile Communication) - 2g



    To Toggle 2g/4g

    Go to phone>settings>wireless & networks>mobile network settings and uncheck use only 2g neworks.

    Under Network Mode, select "GSM/WCDMA auto"

    Go into network operators>search networks and select T-Mobile UMTS


    You need to have both modes enabled so it will toggle on it's own.


    If not immediate change, turn off/on phone.

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    Nothing I even restarted the phone. Should I go to the T-mobile store and let them check it out?  Oh yeah I'm still using my old sim card from my g1
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    If your sim is that old, that would be a good start.  Let me know how it turns out. Make sure they have your data package set for your phone right.


    Good Luck!!!

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    I'm having the same issue. All other downloads work fine, but software updates come back "connection failed". I'm using a SIM card that predates the existence of Android, but I'm confused as to why that would make a difference. Does anyone know of a location where the update packaged can be downloaded directly?

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    They say its fine but I don't believe it. I guess I'll just do manual update when ice cream sandwich comes out or tell them what's up.
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    I don't have the GB update yet and I've been trying to check for software updates every day for the last 2 weeks. About a week ago I started getting the "connection failed" message when trying to connect to the servers. So it is not exclusive to GB. It may be a network failure of sorts. I haven't called T-Mo yet. I just figured maybe they were selectively deciding who could connect based on the upgrade or theres so much traffic from people trying to download the update that the servers are getting overwhelmed. Maybe I should call and find out.

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    yeah u do that and tell what happen because the rep i talk to said its normal if u have the bg update

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    I too have the same error "connection failed" when I try to update to Gingerbread.  I spoke to a Tmobile Rep and he did take some information down.  He indicated that he will work with LG and determine why my phone is not updated yet.  I have a LG-P999-DW a model sent to me by "customer care".  It did seem that there are some phones having a problem getting the upgrade.  In the meantime, I'm using the Sensation (sent to me by Customer Care for $99).  Although my preference is the G2X if they can get it to upgrade to 2.3.3. 

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    I'm getting the "connection failed" when I try to update to run a software update this week.  Just last week it would connect to the server and return a message stating there were no updates avialable. My wife and I bought our G2xs on the same day in May and her phone updated weeks ago.  I'm still waiting.  When is the roll-out expected to be complete?  Should I be concerned it hasn't been pushed to me yet?

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    I'm having the same issue on my G2X. New, purchased in May. I got the GB update on 7/26/11. Worked fine until then... Now, "connection failed". Baracuda1971, seems I'm having the same problems you had... After your master reset, did this get fixed? If you manually go into "software update check" and try to do an update, do you get "connection failed"?

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    I didn't even get the GB upgrade before experiencing the "connection failed" issue.

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    when i did the manual update myself and went to the update check thing the status said current software or sumthing like that but after a week later of the manual update then it started to say connection failed.  bummer!!!

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