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Positives on G2X

Lets start a discussion on your experience with the G2X.  What led you to purchase this phone, at least one good thing about the G2X and finally what would it take to make this phone your perfect device.  Please be objective and dont just bash phone for the sake of bashing it. You can explain your concerns and desires on phone improvement.  This discussion is about phone features, not contacting T-Mobile horror stories.



Remember: " It's not what you say, it is how you say it"

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    fast & 'stock' android

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    I second the speed...this thing is a beast!  Not too thrilled about froyo but after rooting and customizing, it has been a joy to use -- especially with a super fast UI (thanks to an overclock kernel).  There is no lag at all.

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    I am loving my G2x, GB will only make it better

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    Even after exchanging my first G2X and getting a second, which is working better, I love this phone. Speed, accuracy. Couple of minor glitches sometimes, but nothing that makes me want to jump out a window. I just try to adjust. Seems you have to adjust to almost anything new these days, so why should a phone-computer be any different?

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    Moosebradley you got that right, like trying to adjust to this new forum. Lol.  Nice to have a positive comment. Most appreciated.  I'm loving my G2X also.  I just rooted and froze some pesky stuff I didn't want.  Working great!!!!!

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    Purchased because of the promised speed, stock 'droid, dual core processor etc. Even with the problems this G2x is amazing. Thanks for starting this positive thread bara...

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    I had two things in mind when I decided on the G2x. I needed more space for apps, as my Nexus One was running out of space, meaning I had to juggle apps constantly, and the fact that it was advertised as compatible with AT&T so I thought it would be "future proof."


    This is my second G2x, the first being exchanged for random reboots. This one seems to be one of the better phones, and I have only had a couple of unexplained reboots. It certainly has room for apps, and I have all my favorites (and some new) loaded, except for a couple that I believe caused the reboots I experienced. Since deleting them, I've had a pretty solid experience.I know everyone talks about the speed of the G2x, but I don't see much difference between it and my previous N1, but that was a solid phone, too.


    I haven't rooted yet, so far haven't felt the need to. I am using LauncherPro as an alternate launcher, I've really been enjoying the camera app, and the HDMI capabilities. With the larger screen, I've started to check into more games, and love how they look. This is a very nice screen, and it's nice to be able to actually see it when outside, unlike my N1 which seemed very dark in the bright sun.

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    Thanks starmom for chimming in.  Nice to hear you have had relatively good luck, with the exception of having to trade in for a second one.  I too have had good luck (knock on wood) with mine.  I'm using Go Launcher, and I love it.  I've tried several Home Replacement Apps, but they always seem to have issues.  I've been using Go Launcher for several months and have had no problems.  The themes are pretty cool.  I decided to root and that has helped performance issues.  Battery is more stable now.  Thanks again starmom!!!!!

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    I have had my G2X 1 week and so far I l love it. First couple of days I had it it shutdown a couple times so I uninstalled all my apps and replaced each one 1 by 1 checking stability before adding another. Since then I have had no proplems at all.

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    Awesome justincase.  Glad to hear you are having fun with your new device.  Have fun learning all the things it can do.

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    I absolutely LOVE the native screenshot ability. That is something I have always wanted in a non-rooted device and the g2x gives me the ability to do so

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    Screen shots are nice to have. Glad this ability is useful to you. Lauren, thanks for your input!!!

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    I've got to say so far I love my G2x as well first off .....


    1.. THE LOOK, its just as smooth and stylish as can be I don't care too much for the styling on the sensation the G2x IMO looks better just wish the back was an aluminum backing with changeable colored back covering that would be perfect.


    2 THE SPEED and DUAL CORE, its insane I do a lot of multitasking and this phone keeps up , ill be web browsing multiple pages open , streaming Pandora, and texting from the phone or using google voice txt and it works seamlessly.   I was  concidering the one company I hate ATT for the atrix however this puts it to shame...


    3) ITS GSM I do a lot of traveling and love the convince of only needing 1 phone, ( hence why I almost got a atrix) A lot of people ( those on sprint and verizon) say hey when you get to where your going just buy a phone there and use it. My reply is WHY? when I have a perfectly good phone in my pocket. I travel to the UK and Canada often I like having 1 phone 3 sim's and the best rates no matter where im at, plus i don't have to learn a new phone all over again or travel with 2 extra phones !

    I only wish the G2X would have been quadbanded HSPA radio as it was stated it would be before its release.

    850/1700/1900/2100 hapa if that was the case People who have this phone would never need a upgrade if/when ATT takes over, at least not for a while.


    STORY...  I Have a friend on verizon who just came back from Canada  for 1 week and was shocked at what his bill was for roaming in Canada less than 200 mins and a number of txt and pic messages (no other data was used) cost him just over $100.

    I laughed and showed him my Wind sim and that's its prepaid monthly I only top up ( add funds) when I know im going there, the rate plan im on $45 unlimited calling and txt and pic msg to Canada and the USA and for $10 more I could have added unlimited data with free tethering. his jaw dropped !


    His reply.... ( now that's he sees how little I pay) was well you still cant receive calls from your cell phone unless you forward them from your TMO number to the Canada number and that cost a lot of money!

    My reply.... I have a $20 Magicjack account for that ! Work around, have TMO call mjack number for free as its a US number then Mjack forwards all calls to my Wind Canada number for free.. simple!


    AGAIN his jaw dropped!

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    Buddah, you just made my day. What a good laugh!!!  You are a Magicjack of all trades. I love your work arounds. 

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