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    Unlocked and Rooted

      I have a Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G with Gingerbread which is unlocked and rooted.  If I upgrade the software to Ice Cream Sandwich, will that negate the root? (unroot it?).  I also have an old SIM card (it still has SunCom on it), if I get a new card, will I then have to pay for WiFi connections, or can I continue with WiFi as I am now, with no extra charge?


      Thanks for your help.

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          Um wow. I don't know where to start.  So I will start with saying there is no Ice Cream Sandwich available for this device and no ETA on when the update will be issued.  Secondly, no company can charge you for using any form of WiFi as it is not a service they themselves provide (you paid for your router/internet or it was provided for free where you shop, etc.) but in order to get a new sim you will likely be acquiring service with that provider - which will come at some cost depending on the level of service you sign up for. Third, rooting your device will void your warranty and you will not be eligible for any updates from TMO.


          If you understand that rooting voids your warranty and are OK with the risks associated with doing so, you should check out the Blaze 4G page on XDA.  There are people there that can answer your questions regarding rooting.

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            I ask because T-Mobile keeps notifying me of an update, and I keep putting it off for 24 hours.  I just assumed the update was Ice Cream Sandwich. 


            The reason I asked about the WiFi is T-Mobiles "HotSpot" service for $9.99 per month.  I certainly don't want to have to start paying for something I already have.  Any thoughts on that?


            I knew about the rooting voiding the warranty, and I bought the phone already rooted.


            Thanks for your help.

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              The update information for the July 16th 2.3.6 software update is here : http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-4182


              I would update via kies as OTA can be unreliable (and will fail due to root).  T-Mobile's WiFi hotspot is using their data service and involves basically turning your phone into an access point (wireless router).  The $10 fee (or whatever the cost is for your plan) is added to whatever your data plan costs and I am not sure if every plan can add this service. Some of the fine print "Share your phone’s high-speed Internet connection on the go with up to five Wi-Fi devices" so with the WiFi hotspot you can share your 4G data connection with up to 5 devices.


              "I just assumed the update was Ice Cream Sandwich. "  --yeah we were all bummed out to see 2.3.6 still


              Not that this is the right place to ask about rooting and whatnot, but updating to the newest baseband for 2.3.6 will in fact remove root and any custom recovery.  FWIW, the same recovery/root kernel is still compatible with the new baseband and if you are wanting CWM (I'm assuming this is the recovery you are using) and root you will just need to re-flash them via ODIN.  There are guides for doing this on XDA as mentioned before.  Again for other customers who may be reading this, rooting and any other non-approved software updating will void your warranty and is not recommended.

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                They keep sending me the update, and I keep postponing it for 24 hours ... how do I get them to stop sending the update.  I have 2.3.6 already.

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                  Im guessing you are on stock rooted for that to keep coming up. you can either unroot to update the phone and then re-root or you can just flash a custom rom via CWM. Theres a few great roms for the blaze if you take a look on XDA which already have the UVLF4 update in them. PM if interested.

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                    Could you give me the website for XDA?  I can't seem to find it.  Thanks for your help.

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                      Try using Google, as I assume you can, as you have root and unlock.  Read up a little.


                      If you Google, the advice is to un-root before update and do not use OverTheAir. Root also voids the warrantee.  Personally, I have always used OTA on my phones.


                      IceCreamSandwitch is not released for the Blaze.  RTFF.  So the nag is not an ICS update.  Go over level up on this support forum and there is a little messge saying "Update Available".  You can read about it.


                      There are ways to "turn off" the nag.  I would not suggest it.


                      Your handset can connect to the Internet through its wifi modem to a router/wired Internet for data connections,  The router can be yours, a friends, or a paid Hotspot wifi connection. 


                      Your handset can create its own hotspot wifi connection, like a router, but the data connection is through your wireless data network connection and plan.  This is the Tmobile plan that determines your data limit, speed, and charges.  This is the hotspot option for which you pay extra.  There are ways around it but the recent posts are suggesting that it is being strictly monitored and enforced.  I actually pay for mine as I need this as a reliable option.


                      Another wifi enabled device can then connect to the hotspot you created above.   It is not limited to XBox, WII, mobile phones and computers.


                      As for the web site you asked about, RTFF and Google.  It is all there.  Even on this section.


                      Good luck.  Hope this helps you appreciate and maximize the use of the wonderful little machine you have.