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    icecream sandwhich

      Is there any updates with the uce cream sadnwhich update thats supposed to be rolling out this month?? Im really anxious for it and i was wondering whats the status on the update..is going to be rolles out in a couple days etc.

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          I also am wondering this especially now that there will be a Blaze 2 phone called the Relay 4g.  I certainly hope T-Mobile has not forgotten its customers who purchased this phone.  I was told the update will "likely come out by the end of the summer" by the person in my T-Mobile store the day I decided to purchase this phone.  Granted, I kind of backed him into a corner and pretty much said if this phone isn't going to get the update then I wouldn't buy it (thus a lost sale).  ICS was released 5 months prior to this phone's release and has been out 10 months now (since October 2011).  With the Blaze sharing so many features of the Galaxy S II I just don't see how this could be such a difficult task.



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            Of course not one reply even if its a somewhat eta would be nice .. Nice to hear anything at all at this point . I also bought my blaze with the hoping ics would of been on here a long time ago like the rep told me.

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              And the same goes for the Exhibit! Why is this so difficult ?

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                The exhibit had never been confirmed or promised to get ICS so it's not the same thing not even close.  Our Blaze has been confirmed to get ICS since May- the same time the Galaxy S II was 'confirmed' to get ICS- and here it is now in August and no update and no ETA. 


                The Exhibit 4G and Galaxy Exhibit 4G both use the Hummingbird chipset which will not run ICS very well.  There has been no news/announcments made for the Exhibit being confirmed to receive ICS.  Please take that discussion to the proper thread.

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                  still no ETA...  They didn't drag their feet as much with the Galaxy S 2.  They are even bringing Jelly Bean to the S II.  Don't forget about us T-Mobile!

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                    I am anxious as well. T-Mobile should give us a specific deadline in terms month/year (i.e. MIDDLE of September 2012). We are the owners of the phone, and we deserve to know. If there are any specific problems causing a delay in the the ICS udpate, T-Mobile or Samsung should issue an update to us that own the blaze 4g. 


                    The ZTE880NE was the first non-Nexus phone to sport Jelly Bean (Android 4.1), which happened in July 2012. Somehow we only received a MINOR update to Gingbread (2.3.6). Our phone has supperior specs to the ZTE880NE. Jelly Bean isn't even on the radar for us Blaze owners. So where is our Ice Cream Sandwich?


                    Hey Magenta, it's 2012. How about you show some support to your customers?

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                      Where is the update Tmobile?? Where is the ETA?

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                        Every week that goes by makes us Blaze owners more and more restless.  Any update or info regarding this ICS update will be the equivalent of TMO hitting a home run in the support dept.

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                          I heard that the ICS update was supposed to come out by the end of the summer.. whatever happened to that?

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                            Hi all,

                                 At this time we do not have any specific information on when or if this device will get the Jelly Bean update. Keep an eye on the Blaze 4G software update page for furture update info.


                            Software updates for Android

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                              @tmo_alicia_b not quite sure how your post was tagged "Helpful Answer." It looks like you didn't even read the title of the thread. Jelly Bean is the newest version of Android released July 9, 2012. Obviously, having Jelly Bean on our phones would be awesome, but the fact is no one ever promised that. We were supposed to be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich, which was released in October of 2011.


                              We have no problems visiting the Blaze 4G software update page. In fact, I do it almost every day. However, it seems T Mobile has some troubles entering information that is UP TO DATE. The page was last modified July 17th, which was like 45 days ago. Oh yah, and that update was virtually worthless.

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                                I also check the update page every day. If 'jelly bean' being mentioned was some intentional 'slip up' as a means to unofficially explain to us why the update is taking so long (as commenting on software updates is against TMO company policy)I totally understand why we don't have ICS.  If we are going straight to jelly bean and bypassing ICS (which would in fact take longer to develop) then I will abandon my crusade to find out what has happened to the ICS update (and wait patiently for jelly bean!!).


                                Any comments Alicia? (don't reply if I'm right about jelly bean- it's against company policy )

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                                  the Relay 4G has finally been officially announced, and as I expected, runs the exact same hardware as the Blaze 4G (minus the slider keyboard).  I can only assume that the blaze got on the short list from samsung to get ICS because sammy planned on re-releasing the blaze with a slider keyboard and put ICS on the re-release.


                                  We should by that theory be getting ICS in a few weeks (or whenever the Relay is officially released-shortly before or after).


                                  Heh I wasn't even slightly convinced that the rumors the Relay would have a 720p screen and an S4 chipset were true

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                                    In the meantime:




                                    ^--Samsung contact info; under "what is your question about" select operating system, and send them a message! Will update post if I get a reply

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