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    Is this Gingerbread the exact same build and kernel version as the OTA?

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    AAAAAaaaah Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I was so bummed at first when it didn't work and then I read your post and voila.  It's almost like getting a new phone.

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    Well, I could not wait and it looks to me that this ROM is the official ROM. Looks like someone who updated temp rooted the phone and copies the ROM that way.


    I downlowed it to the SD card and follewed thr directions (a few posts into the thread). Took about 3 minutes to install and another 3 minutes for the phone to boot and reboot. Running 2.3.4 at this time.

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    After I unrooted and recovered from preinstalled ROM, I successfully update this OTA. Whether the power management will be more efficient, let's see.

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    Im still having trouble with this, its saying that sdcard/update.zip not found and operation aborted. Im pretty good with computers so I cant figure out what Im doing wrong? Ive tried both placing just the download file in, and also tried extracting the files and placing them in the SD card and got the same result with both

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    edit, just started to work, didnt change a think it just took 5 or 6 tries then all of a sudden decided that it was time to give me gingerbread. Thanks!

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    Works perfectly for me on the T-Mobile G2, thanks!

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    Alright, I'm completely new to all of this, so someone is going to have to clarify a few things for me.


    First step, you download the file. What do you rename it to? It seems that there is some argument in this thread over what to rename the file. For those who have followed these steps successfully, what exactly did you rename the file to make it work.


    Second, it says to place the file at the SD card of the phone. How exactly do you do this? Someone reposted that you only needed to drag and drop the downloaded file into the removable file that represents the phone when you open "My Computer." For those that were able to make this work, is this exactly true, or do you have to drop it into a specific file location?


    I believe those are the only things I have questions with. The rest of the directions seem fairly self-explainatory. I know to most all the directions are probably that, but this is the first time I'm attempting this and I don't want anything to go wrong, if it could at all. I enjoy my phone, but I also would enjoy the extended battery life that gingerbread claims to offer.


    If anyone could respond with answers to these questions it would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    1: if you download the file from the link on the first post of this thread, you need to rename it "update.zip"

    If your computer currently has "hide file extensions" checked, you just rename it "update", but to be safe you should just go into your computers settings under "Files/Folders" and make it so your computer shows the file extensions.


    2: with your phone connected to your computer through the usb cord, you need to first make sure you have the phone set to transfer files (it'll have a screen with that option on it after you plug in).  Then its just a simple matter of dragging the update.zip file from your computer onto the sd card.  Your computer will recognize the sd card and give it a drive letter, you just drag it over top of that drive letter and release.  Double check by opening up that drive, you should see several different folders and maybe some other files not in folders, and you should see "update.zip" in that list, NOT in any folder.

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    Another way would be plug the phone into the computer via USB. Click okay to allow the SD card to be "mounted" (accessable by the computer... prompted for this as it locks the phone out of the card). Then download the file. When prompted for the location to save the file, navigate to the drive letter for the phone (external hard drive). Don't drill down to any folders... just save it to the driver letter folder itself (top level). *** Make sure you change the name of the file to "update.zip" (without the quotes) before saving ***.


    This eliminates the extra step of saving the file to the compter and then transfering it over to the phone. But other then that, no difference.


    The file needs to be renamed as this is the name the phone will look for. It needs to be saved in the root folder of the SD card as this is where the phone will look for it.


    Ever plug an SD card, USB stick or some other external drive into a USB port? Plugging the phone in creates the same external drive listing. You can launch Windows Explorer and have it on the screen when you plug the phone in. Once you click on the phone screen to allow the computer to access the phone, you will see a new drive letter pop up on Windows Explorer. That is the phone.

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    Thanks both for your input. I'm about to run the update. Quick question though, just for clarification. So when you plug your phone into the computer and see the removable drive listed, that is essentially just the SD card? I was wondering why when I opened that removeable file too see the folders within and couldn't locate my pictures or anything. This would make sense if it is just the SD card, because I don't believe I have saved anything to it yet or moved any of my apps to it.

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    Yep, if you have your phone set up to save pictures to the phone itself you won't see them, it's just the sd card.  Your computer basically looks at the sd card like it does a flash drive, like tcope said in the last paragraph.  I don't know if there is any way to transfer a file from your computer to your phones internal memory.

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    On the SD card there would be a folder labled DCIM (Digital Camera IMages), under that are a few folders and photos would be in one of those folders if stored on the SD card. If you are not storing photos on the SD card, you probably should be. No point in taking up space on internal phone memory.

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    did anyone else who did this update lose all of the contents of your sd card? after the update i got a notification that my sd card was "damaged" and had to reformat it :/ like an idiot i didnt back up the pictures and what not that were on it.

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