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    pin block

      how do i unlock the puk #?

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          The only way to get the PUK code is by contacting customer care at 611 from a T-Mobile handset, or dial 1-800-937-8997 from a non T-Mobile phone.

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            Yep gotta call and talk to a computer. That doesn't answer the question.  Must be a result of the ATT bs. I'm going to leave T-Mobile when contract is up. Was the best provider now at the bottom with over priced ATT and their computerized customer service. Bye

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              Yes you have to call and speak with a represenative to unlock the PUK. You're sim card had a lock on it and you must have tried too many times to unlock it. If at any time you get PUK NEVER try to figure out what it is on your own. Otherwise you will lock your sim card permantly and you will have to go in and get a brand new one.


              But it is a very easy process and will only take a couple of minutes. I would recommend speaking to tech support for this.


              And of course you will have to go through the automated system "computer" but you will get to speak with a live agent. What company doesn't have you go through an automated system? It is just to direct your call to the correct department... how would you like to end up in sales for a tech issue? Rather than just being patient, answering the simple questions through the automated system, getting a live agent, and resolving your issue! (: