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no internet access or emails.

I recently had to switch to my Curve as a back-up, because my HTC HD2 fell in the sink and is completely unsaveable. But for some reason, I no longer have any internet access, cannot connect to apps like Facebook and Twitter, and can't send out e-mails. Also, the network will only connect to the "edge" network, not the full "EDGE" as it used to when it was my primary phone. I have an upgrade in about a month or so, so I'm just using the Curve to hold me over until then, but I'd really like to figure this problem out so that I can use the services that I pay for. Thanks. :-)

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    On the handset, go to:

    Options - Advanced Options - Host Routing Table

    and click Register now, and escape back to the home page.


    Wait 2 minutes and see if you can access internet, email, etc

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    nope, it's still not working.

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    When you started using the BlackBerry, did you switch your internet service on myT-Mobile to BlackBerry instead of Windows mobile?

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    That's the issue.  You need the blackberry-specific data plan.

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    Why Blackberry? I have the Samsung Exhibit II 4G. The internet worked from the time I got the phone on Thursday up until yesterday

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    The OP needs the BlackBerry data plan because he owns a BlackBerry. You would need the Android data plan.

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    I am "replying" to this post, as I can't figure out how to start a new thread. I hate TMobile. I pay over 100 dollars a month for 2 phones and have ABSOLUTELY NO SERVICE in the 2 mile area that I live/work. I've called customer service several times on this, and was told that their service shows being "good" in the area in which I live, but they excalated me to some other department, loyality I think, and was told I would get called back. I have NEVER received a call back from them regarding this issue. But then.. if they called me back at my cell number, maybe its a good reason that I am saying they didn't call me back, as I have NO SERVICE... I got locked into them because I switched from another carrier right before my eye cancer surgery that kept me homebound for the trial period. Since I do not use my cell as my main means of communication, I didn't know that I didn't have service until it was too late. Now I am being RAPED REPEATIDLY month after month from them. When I travel out of state, or drive 5+  miles away from my home, then I have service. But why should I have to drive that far away to make a call or retrieve a message? I had to buy a TRACFONE which gives me service both INSIDE my home and work, and EVERYWHERE else in the area in which I live/work PLUS... The ONLY thing good about my TMobile service is to use it as an alarm clock and to FORWARD all my calls to my TRACFONE. I have the Optimus T and my husband has a normal cell, no texting. I cannot wait til my contract is over as I will be dumping them in the dog poop where they belong and move my number to a TRACFONE/NET 10/STRAIGHT TALK plan. I tell everyone that I can to NOT get a TM service.

    Their customer service is the pitts.

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    Im certainly sorry to hear about your problems and really want to get you taken care of! Just so i can see what options we have for you, can you please send me a private message( by clicking my name, then it will be on the right side) including your name, number, and model of phone. I would love to make sure we have done everything we can to get you taken care of.


    Thank You