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Where are the old forums?

There were a couple that I used to go to and now I just get redirected to the landing page for the new forum. So is all of the old info gone now?!?

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    Yes, all old info is gone. Some of it may return in the future as documents, but the emphasis is on may.
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    One of the moderators posted that they are working on a read-only version of the old forums that people can go back to. No word yet if that has been accomplished. Be patient!.......Jake

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    Well that is disappointing!!

    People put a lot of work into supporting others and it's all scrapped and for what?

    There's way less content here not and there are still Google hits for "forums.t-mobile.com/"



    If your motive is to have self help for customers then PLEASE give us a link to the "forums.t-mobile.com/" archives ...


    Be Customer Centric!

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    Hey androjunky,


    Thanks for the feedback!


    As Jake mentioned above, we're looking into getting an archive of the old Forums, but we're not sure if / when that will happen. We built these Forums for customers just like we did a few years back with the old boards, and I'm confident that no matter what, we will make this new format just as successful, if not more so!


    We'll keep you posted though, so stay tuned!

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    Your tune has changed. You said you were going to bring them back, now it has turned into, maybe, who knows. I am familiar with this distraction technique, it's called, we're just saying this so you stop complaining. Basically, just shut up about it.


    You guys have given me no reason to invest in this place again because you don't respect the content that the users provided. You do notice all the tech questions going unaswered, tmobile staff wasn't providing those answers before, it was us the users and there is absolutely no reason to provide them now, esp. on an old phone. Way to destroy something we're never getting back.

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    Hey sffreak,


    As per my original post regarding this,


    "Due to this, we're currently working on a way to access the old content from the Forums. We don't have a magic button to make content re-appear, but what we are trying to do is allow everyone access so that you can all go in there and grab what you feel is the best content from the old boards and bring it over."


    It was never a guarantee, but we want everyone to be happy and we're trying very hard to reclaim content that was originally thought lost. I can tell you that we're putting a lot of time and effort behind this and we're not trying to pull one over on anyone. I understand the harsh reaction, but please take into consideration that we really are trying.


    It would have been easy to just have said that we can't use our resources on this, and called it a day, but we're listening to all the feedback from folks like yourselves. Hang in there and as I said in my original post, I'll keep you posted with what I know, when I know it.



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    gone the ways of ole yeller...

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    Hello again everyone,

    As promised, we have gained access to the old boards (also known as the Legacy Forums) for a limited time. Feel free to access the Legacy Forums to copy and paste any and all info that you think will be beneficial to the current Forums.


    Please be aware of a few things during the limited availability of the Legacy Forums:

    • Access to the Legacy Forums will last around one week. After this time, no future access will be possible.
    • The Legacy Forums will be Read Only, so no posting can be done.
    • Due to many resources being re-directed to the new community, some images and links will be broken or may redirect back here, so navigate carefully.
    • If copying content over, please be aware of differences in formats and adjust accordingly. We want to keep our new boards looking great!


    Please feel free to reach out to our Moderator team if you have any questions or difficulties regarding the Legacy Forums.

    Thank you to everyone for your patience during this time and thank you again for contributing and making our new Forums better than ever.

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    Thanks, Phillip. I went over and snagged all my bookmarks. You guys rock......Jake

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    You need to make this a big announcement at the top of the forum. It's hidden and I almost missed it.

    In reality, while I appreciate the effort, one week is really not enough, it should be permanently archived.


    Still not really going to bother replying in the new forum. Just not worth it.

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    sffreak wrote:


    Still not really going to bother replying in the new forum. Just not worth it.

    Isn't that what you just did?