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    Introduce yourself


      I want to welcome you all to the new Samsung Galaxy S 4G discussion topic area.  Feel free to introduce yourself to your fellow Galaxy S 4G owners.  This way we can reconnect with previous forum users and new members alike.


      In addition, if you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share regarding our new Community, please feel free to stop by our Feedback topic area.


      Welcome again and enjoy your stay!

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          My names Terry and I'm just curious what happened to the old forum?

          I'm guessing that it got over polluted with a bunch of junk post and

          spam but anyhow I'm here.

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            Welcome Terry.  We're glad you're here.


            To answer your question, we changed to a new support platform.  We want to provide an experience where the Support information (of which there used to be much less documentation) and the Forums (now the 'Community') could be more closely integrated together. This way, if a user comes in and posts amazing content we can potentially make an official document out of it.


            Overall, we strive to make this a Community of answers and conversation, instead of a place of clutter. The old platform was difficult for less savvy users to navigate, and we feel like this new one offers a blend of nice looks and efficient functionality.


            Thanks again for making the move with us.  If you have any other questions or feedback about the new community feel free to stop by our Feedback topic area.

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              I'm James, looking forward to watching the new community grow!

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                I'm Josh I'm here because I have a problem with my otherwise awesome galaxy s which I have owned for about five months now

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                  I'm Danielle....Here cause I found alot of useful info from the boards when I had the dreaded mytouch.

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                    I'm new to this "board" and new to the Samsung Galaxy S 4G smartphone.  Finally figured out how to answer the stupid thing.  Now need help importing my gmail addresses from my computer to the phone.  I manually put in all my telephone contacts as I gave up on trying to import them from my previous t-mobile phone.  Can anyone advise me in simple, easily understandable terms, how to put all my gmail addresses from  my computer into the phone?

                    Also, I checked to see what was running in the background on the phone as it seems to be losing battery power very fast, there are so many programs (?) running in the background and I have no clue what those programs are.  This type of phone is totally foreign to me, the intended use is to use as a telephone, check gmail messages, use the gps (these only when traveling).  Any help, suggestions etc would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you

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                      Karen if you're phone is connected with your gmail account, check to see if phone is set to sync.  Under settings, pull up accounts and sync and check if the gmail has a green circle next to it.  Other than that I'm not really sure what to tell you but I'm sure someone else could.  I've had the phone for 3 weeks and still finding stuff that I can do with it

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                        Hey everyone, I'm Brandt. I work for T-Mobile on the team that trains devices to the representatives. I currently use a Samsung Galaxy S 4G, so you may see me often on this board.




                        Have you signed into the phone using your GMail email account? If not, click the Market app and it will start the process for you. Then you have the option to sync your contacts from that specific GMail account to your phone automatically.


                        Whenever you add a new contact, be sure to select Google as the method to store them. This will ensure that those contacts follow you when you switch phones and sign in with your GMail account.


                        Hope that helps...and thanks juliansmom.

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                          Tim - hey I'm a T-Mobile employee who has promoted self help to my customers since day one.  I hope that being able to post on these forums will help customers get the help they need and save a call, a device exchange and frustration!  I am a pretty sound expert on Samsung Galaxy devices and Android based phones.

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                            I am trying to figure out how to turn off the web content privacy. I went and turned it off then it tells me I had to be 18 well I am way over 18 so I did all that, well it told me that an error occurred. I had to put my name, address, dob and last 4 of social. Then here it tells me I have an error. Can some one tell me what to do from here.

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                              Call in and talk to customer care - We can remove the web content block for ya.

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                                Hello from Doug,


                                I purchased a Galaxy and have not been able to utilize the wifi app. How do I get this feature to work? And there is (to my knowledge) no reference to pick the Galaxy as the phone I purchased? Just curious...

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                                  which WiFi app are you referring to?  The ability to call over WiFi or....?  Any specifics would be appreciated so we can help you!

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                                    WI FI calling, a message says that it will use minute plans when making calls. Am I supposed to register this phone at Tmobile for WI FI calling? The system is acitve however I am not convinced that it's working properly.

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