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    Former customer - please read

      I signed up for Even More webConnect Overage Free Data Plan Plan with ZTE MF691 DATA STICK KIT on January 30, 2011 for service to begin on February 1, 2011.  It was a 2-year contract. I spoke extensively on the phone with the customer service representative who was friendly and helpful, except she failed to mention T Mobile can't guarantee internet service.  The product worked as expected until late April, when my internet connectivity was slower than a dial-up speed (and I had not used anywhere near the 5 GB limit).  In May and June, I reached out to customer service for help on a number of occasions. Each time I was required to repeat my entire issue and I was transferred from agent to agent.  They did troubleshooting and other tests, with no conclusive results. On two separate occasions I was told that they would call me back to follow up on my issue and both times I never heard from them.


      I have had limited to no internet connection since May. There were some instances where the service worked well, but they were sporadic and unreliable. Most of the time I have a service slower than dial-up. 


      I called on August 2, 2011 at 8:26 pm to cancel my service and request that the $200 cancellation fee be waived.  I no longer wished to do trouble-shooting, etc, because it was a long process which had not resolved my issue.  I was re-routed to Marty in Customer Retention.  After explaining my situation again, Marty said that the reason I had little service was due to "leaves growing on trees". He also said that in the contract, T Mobile is not liable for service so he could not waive the $200 fee. I went forward with the cancellation and expect to be billed for the $200 cancellation fee any time now.  I was not given an apology for T Mobile's refusal to waive the fee or for the lack of internet service.  While Marty was not rude, I was so frustrated and shocked by the lack of any efforts to help resolve my issue (on top of 2 months of little to no service), that I was reduced to tears by the end of the conversation.


      I did not ask for my monthly payments to be refunded, I simply wanted to get out of the contract (that for all intents and purposes was voided when I had no internet service) and not be charged $200 to do so. I believe that there is a standard of fairness in this case that is not being met.   I understand that in the contract it states that T Mobile is not liable for service, but to place such a major condition that is the very core of the contract in the "fine print" seems misleading and unfair.


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              I wish I had seen this back in July!!!  I got mine in July and I am now having the same issues you had.  When I call tech support a month ago to report the problem, they told me it was one of there towers that was not working.  They where going to send tech to fix in a day or two.  It's been a month and still no service.  Maybe if we filed a class action lawsuit they would reimburse us for the termination fees?  I haven't cancelled yet but Im damned if I do and damned if I don't.  It's a waste of money either way and the only ones that benefit is them cause they get money either way!

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              I may not be with them much longer but just out of curiosity, how do you do it manually?

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                Forums, dialogue and information are a good start to us getting some leverage. The reason the founding father spent most of their time limiting the power of the government They understood with many people and power the government was a threat to a single citizens. Today these large and collaborative companies have enormous power. Even when we sue as one, they can tie up any settlement for years. So they tell us to take their offer, keep our mouths shut and they admit to no wrong doing. I've been saying for years that these cell companies could offer unlimited voice and text for about $20 and make a killing. But why would they when we willing pay for the same things twice, or over pay for the rest. TracPhone Net10, Virgin Mobile, Simple Talk and I could go on and on. None of these companies have networks. They all resell AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon airtime. If I went to Wal-Mart and bought cokes and sold the at my corner store for 30 cents, and Wal-Mart was selling them for 50 cents. Wouldn't you wonder how I was making a profit; Wal-Mart was making a profit even though I was selling them cheaper than Wal-Mart? I have seen some of these sub-carriers with contract plans as low as $25 that would cost more than double close to triple at the network carriers. This lets me know that if these sub-carrier are in business to make a profit and so are the main network carriers, then we are being royally screwed on the prices. My original example bears this out; how could I buy something from company A, sell it to you for $25 but they charge you $75? These carriers are selling excess capacity to them on the cheap and because our heads are still back in the huge cell phones with expensive costs days we buy it. These carriers have greatly expanded their networks and increased the capacity by enormous amounts, but have only marginally cut their rates to us, That’s like Paying the same price for a new laptop with specs from 5 years ago. Now Tablets and cell phones have those capabilities at the same or lower cost. A PC with 5 year old specs would be dirt cheap now. But we still pay through the nose for cell service. And why are people paying for tethering? If I pay for broadband at home, I don’t pay extra when I get a new laptop or Tablet? So why would I pay for unlimited broadband on my phone, then pay extra to use that same broadband on my Tablet? When I 1st setup my home broadband, Cox charged me $16 for a self-install kit. I had my modem, router a couple of their high grade splitters and my own 1000 ft roll of RG6 cable. So all I needed them to do was activate my modem. The lady told me I had to buy the self-install kit even though I didn’t need it. I asked if she was charging me to hook up my own broadband and she replied no. I said if not then why am I paying for a kit I don’t need? I then asked (in case someone asked me I would know what to charge) how much they charged to do what I had done? She said it would be $300 to set up a wireless network and that included the modem, router and one laptop. She went on to say it would be $10 for each additional PC. I assumed she meant that one time, but something about how she said it gave me pause. So she let me know the $10 was per PC per month. So I asked; if I set up my own and have (and told them) 10 PC’s in my network, I would only pay $40 a month? But if my neighbor got you guys to set up his 10, he would pay $40 + $80 per month for the 8 extra PC’s? Her reply was YES! They don’t do this anymore that I know of. But some people may still be paying those extra charges from years ago. Could you imagine any home telephone company charging you extra for each phone in your home, even if you bought them somewhere else yourself? But tethering the broadband you’re already paying for on your cell is extra? Tea Party and Occupied Wall Street you need to stand together against the real enemy….big business and big government! These companies are in college, while as consumers we are still in 3rd grade! They have sociologist psychiatrists telling them how to get us to buy or pay more. They have stores that they pay people like us to shop in, while special cameras show them everything your eyes look at. So they can place every item in just the right spot to get you to buy. Candy at the crucial checkout counter, so when the kids have a fit over some Skittles….its at the worst possible place in the store. I was out of minutes’ on my prepaid smart phone and added a quick $10 to a Gold Rewards account and all I had was 36 minutes. A few years ago when I 1st came to T-Mob, I chose them over Net10 because they had 1000 minutes for $100 with one year to use them. Net10 required the purchase of 3000 minutes for $300 for one year. T-Mob worked well then, 1000 minutes lasted at least 6 months every time. Now I seem to go through a thousand minutes in a about 3-4 months, talking about the same amount. When I 1st signed up I had free incoming text, I believe up to 400 a month. Now for something that cost them nothing (texting) I pay for in and out going text. Every time you turn on your phone, it send data packets back and forth between the tower. That’s how the network knows to send someone to voice mail if your phone is off or your phone set its clock. Texting just piggy backs in those data packets and cost nothing extra. That’s why texts have a limit. You can add only the small amount along with the rest of the data packet. Most carriers were charging 5-10 cents per text. When they became wildly popular with kids, they jacked the prices up to 25 cents and started offering “texting packages”. I am seriously looking at other companies now and probably won’t be with T-Mob much longer. The greatest democracy in the world is the market place…..vote with your wallet!

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                  Another fine example of T-mobiles top notch service!  I agree, vote with your pocket books....or complain to the fcc about inability to cancel contracts when there is an issue that arises, that they are unable to resolve and did not fully explain to the customer!