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    Vlingo Temporarily Pulled for Sensations


      I had to do a factory data reset for my phone today.  I tried to download Vlingo from the Market and couldn't.  I contacted the app makers and they said that there were major functionality issues with the Sensation and they had to remove the Sensation from their supported devices list.  They said that they are working on it to get it back.  In the meantime, am I stuck without Vlingo?  I normally don't back up my apps to my SD card.  When I'm rooted, I just used Titanium Backup.  Since my Sensation is unrooted, I didn't have that option.  I need Vlingo!


      On a side note, I had to do an FDR because I was having the issue where using the camera caused the phone to stay at 100% brightness.  The FDR fixed that for me.