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    Doesn't undervolting AND overclocking somehow reduce the life of a processor/chipset? I does on computers, so therefore I'd say it applies to mobile devices as well, don't ya think? Reason why I was never of a fan of custom kernels in that aspect, although some do offer a lot of other improvements aside of OC and UV options. I tested the skyrocket ICS leak, seems like it's gonna be a decent upgrade from Gingerbread and I do have to agree with the others that said they're still on stock since they no complaints or reason to root, I only rooted mine to see the process of it and to test that ICS leak, reverted right back to stock with a complete restore and wipe. No reason to leave it or even have root access and I'm a big modder when it comes to my phones.

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    Picking on CSRs is just poor sportsmanship. Do you know what those people get paid and how much grief they have to deal with? Show some class.


    I question whether ICS will improve battery life. Samsung and HTC have both already said that ICS does not work well on single processor devices. If ICS uses that much CPU how can it use less battery than Gingerbread?


    Now that I've kept my HTC EVO 4G around as a bedroom tablet the subtle difference between its processor and the SII's processor has become clear. The difference in daily use is quite subtle but a handful of operations are much speedier on the SII. Scrolling is not one of them BTW. The SII is buggy when slow scrolling and often takes off too fast and when you scroll deep it stutters and lags. The EVO may scroll a tad slower but it never bugs out and never lags.


    But I can see where the EVO is at its CPU limit and ICS would be an issue for it.

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    First off I'm always a gentlemen.  I don't come on here to insult people or down them.  I'm constantly on here early in the morning and late at night trying to help people with correct information and share accurate knowledge on how to utilize their phone to it's fullest potential. How about you? How many people have you helped.

    Secondly Im not picking on them just telling it like it is, they chose that particular job,  I didn't chose it for them.  If they're unhappy with their current job and experience so much grief than they should find another job that's suitable.  I've had the same lack of knowledge for the Sales Reps in the T-Mobile stores.  Not to mention that it seems to me that these people don't share my passion for electronics and gadgets or else they would be able to dispense the proper information through independant research and a little common sense.

    And finally if you disagree, simply say you disagree instead of trying to dictate to me how to appeal to your sense of etiquette.

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    If only everyone was passionate about the work they did, we'd live in a different world...

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    @ stone axe - I never "pick on" csr staff. I do expect they (and my staff) to be knowledgeable about the product(s) being supported. I have fifteen staff members, six of which are directly involved in supporting customers, both internal and external. I've also been a help desk tech in my day. (I still remember telling a lady nicely that the monitor on her new 486/66 Compaq PC would not work if she didn't also turn on the box connected to the keyboard.)



    In any case, I very much appreciate good customer service. I just ordered a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0.  I didn't realize it wasn't to be released until April 22nd. The CSR at Tiger Direct was very helpful and - without even asking - refunded my shipping charge. 

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    FWIW, I've had ICS on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" for a few weeks now. Nice, but it is hard to compare the ICS TouchWiz interace on the Tab with the TouchWiz interface on the SII.


    For one thing, the tab has this "mini app" tray. It is imossible to remove or modify, so I'm stuck with some annoying mini apps that pop up when I try to press the space bar. (Sort of like the "app drawer" on the ADW launcher.)


    I guess I'll see what happens on May 15th.  Since I've rooted, I may not want to move to ICS.

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    I've only seen the few regulars on here only trying to provide good information. I think the newbies that come on here strong may take it wrong because the regulars are confidently correct on lots of aspects of the subjects discussed. Nobody has all the right answers, especially with technology and we all learn from each other.

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    The main reason I can see to root this is the lame bluetooth software that you can't change otherwise. You have to unlock the screenlock to be able to use the push button voice dial on your bluetooth which took away the hands free ability on this phone other than answering calls it's nothing more than a wireless headphone.

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