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    GPS use and data loss?


      I was just wondering before I try doing a master reset if anyone has also experienced this.

      Basically when using GPS while driving the phone will completely lose data service.

      Have to fully exit navigation and disable then re enable data service for it to come back.

      Sometimes (think when switching 4g to 2g) it will completely lose all service and require a reboot to reconnect.

      Manual network selection just errors to Sim not allow if I don't reboot.

      These problems only seem to happen if being used like streaming Music or GPS navigation.

      If I have my amaze active on another line same time don't do the same thing so not a coverage issue.

      I have installed and reinstalled maps updates and cleared data and agps data, didn't seem to help.

      Any ideas before I try master reset?

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          Did a master reset and still having the same problem.

          I have let the phone on GPS status stationary for 10 mins and navigation for a additional 10 mins and did not see any data drop.

          Don't think the problem is hardware related at all.

          I have been shortcuts from home screen for navigation instead of searching first.

          After the last time it happened I rebooted, and tried search and it didn't happen for the remaining 12 mins of that trip.

          Will try on a longer trip but thinking it is either going to be something with the way maps is searching from the shortcut instead of typing or some weird handoff problem with 4g service.

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            Just also tried doing a master reset and testing it without even signing into google account or any applications and it did the same thing.

            Oddly enough I then signed in, downloaded slacker radio, speed test, battery notif, and telenav.

            Over a 18 minute drive with streaming slacker music and navigation by telenav it worked ok.

            Later on my way home I didn't have slacker running just Telenav over a different trip route about 16 minues and it happened again.

            Just seems like anytime running GPS it will randomly loose data.

            Turning off the GPS nav program for a minute gets data back again.

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              No one else?

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                hey theartiszan,


                Did the most current update help resolve the issue? 





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                  YES! Me! This happens to me literally every time I use my GPS. I can't receive phone calls or make them. And god forbid I have to reroute because then the phone is unable to find its data connection to update my directions! Literally it makes the GPS almost worthless. Any updates?