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  • 90. Re: Text Message Failure Sending

    foloowed the instructions provided by user. downloaded go sms pro. It actually seems to have corrected my text issues. That was really frustrating. Also I put a 16 gb memory card in and move everything that I can to the card. By not using phone space/memory I don' thave problems, however my email was hacked and I figure it was through ANdroid Market.


    besides that, I have had great luck with this phone. It works really well. battery is more than adequate. From my experience I would not shy away from teh $200 price for a phone with a 1 gig processor. Maybe I just got lucky, who knows.


    WOuld highly recommned to anyone looking ot break into smartphone market, and now with text messaging fixed, I'm even happier.


    ABOUT T MOBILE TECH SUPPORT - I actually called recently regarding automatic bill pay, and after 4 different reps, I finally got the skinny from an American Representative. The call centers are overseas. SOme reps can only access certain information, and can't help you any further, however, they are NOT allowed to tell you they can' thelp you. They can only state what they can see on their screen.


    If you ask to be transferred to a U.S. rep, they will flat out refuse. This is the price you pay for $50 all you can eat talk, text, web.


    However, if you have patience, and remind them that customer service goes beyond simply looking at what

    your current balance is, you will slowly be transferred up (back to US) and get the solutions you need.

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    I have the same problem. the sad thing is that i use text more that calls.....its really a pain in the %%%%

    i have called t-mobile several times and kept hearing about samsung working on an updated software....but yet no one at t-mobile can say when or give an estimated time when that will be available. i have spoken to samsung and report the problem that i am having...samsung said that there is nothing they can do but it sounds like i have a defected phone.

    i called tmobile AGAIN....ask to speak with a supervisor and refuse to speak with anyone else...ok that was a joke.

    for starters i was told that a supervisor will call me back in 24 hours....i was played for a fool so i hang up...not surprised no one called. i called back the next day after the 24 hours was up and was placed on hold for 10 mins....this time tmobile hang up on me. then i got a call back from a female who addressed herself as a supervisor...she offered me an early upgrade for a NOKIA phone and i will still have to pay for the phone at a discount price!!!! I was so upset at her and even ask her if she would accept that as an upgrade...she didnt reply....tmobile is a big joke as far as customer service is concern....conclusion i am stuck with this phone that is the worst phone ever....so at the end tmobile got the last laugh...but i sure will not renew my contract...i am now waiting patiently for the contract...NEVER AGAIN!!!

  • 92. Re: Text Message Failure Sending

    Interestingly enough, I tried this experiment.  It seemed to worked being able to send multiple pages if I didn't "clear memory" under the RAM tab. 


    So far so good, if I don't clear RAM.

  • 93. Re: Text Message Failure Sending

    I have been having the same issue since I got this phone in Oct 11. I've tried SIM replacement twice, factory reset, remote access, repair at Samsung repair center. None worked. Called today with the intention to return it, but was firmly told NO. Spoke to the supervisor, who said it was a known software issue from Samsung and Samsung was working on a solution. The warranty does NOT cover this issue.


    I am not expecting Samsung to come up with a solution anytime soon. But I found that with wifi or GSM (only) txt msg goes out. It seems like the issue is with WCMDA (a.k.a tmobile's 4G). Therefore, a temporary (or permanent) solution is to switch the "mobile network" to "GSM only" mode. Troublesome, but it should work.

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    OMG! "TEXT FAILURE" My husband and I have the same phones, we have had 7 new samsung galaxy gravity 3g phones sent to us in a 3 month span, many hours logged to t-mobile with this issue. We may have to shut our phones down once or twice a day to get our text messages to go through. We just want a phone that WORKS!!!  Is that too much to ask??? This has been going on for 3 1/2 months. T-Mobile does not care, because we are doing all the work. We have  just filed a complaint, we just want out at this point. If they do not release us from our contract we are contacting the BBB!!! I would like to know if anyone else is having these same MAJOR issues, and if they are, are they reporting this to T-mobile?

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