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Could not decline a call

Today a call came in that I did not want to answer.  I touched the Decline button (several times) but the call continued to ring on and on...  Has anyone else had this problem, and is there a resolution?

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    I don't know the state of your phone before the call, but if the phone was in standby then just touching the decline button will do nothing. You have to slide the button into the circle on the lock screen.

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    Thanks.  Yes, it was in standby.  I guess I thought Decline worked the same as Answer, and I guess I never declined a call before.  Appreciate it.

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    Actually, I later tested this.  If the phone receives a call when in standby mode, and the screen with Answer and Decline buttons displays, the Decline button will normally decline the call if Decline is touched.  So I still wonder why it would not Decline the above-mentioned call.  Maybe a one-time issue, or are there some numbers that cannot be declined?

    Thanks, Steve

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    I've actually had this happen to me on numerous occassions, my phone could be in stand-by mode (screen off) and when I go to answer it nothing happens. The touch screen is not functional, after I miss the call then the phone goes back to normal sometimes and other times I have to restart my phone. Just did a Factory Reset yesterday hoping this fixes the problem. Good Luck.