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        poohheart wrote:


        It could have sent the error report automatically.  There is a setting that if it's checked says the error reporting will be sent to HTC automatically without prompting you to do so.


        I had it set to prompt me everytime. I checked after the reboot just to make sure I still had it set and indeed it is.

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          I just got the HTC One S last week and my phone has rebooted twice. Both times it prompted me to send an error report, so hopefully the figure this out soon.

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            I got my unit this past Friday and it rebooted for the first time this morning. Then it indicated there was no SIM card detected.  I had to shut the phone off, pop out the Sim and place it back in, and it is now working.  If it recurs I will be sending it back.

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              Thank you all for your posts.  When I spoke to tech support, I was told that they were not aware of this problem and that it wasn't a known documented issue.  They thought I had just got 2 phones that were unfortunately bad.  Perhaps if more of us report it to them, and to HTC as well, they will be able to fix it soon.  I have about a week left before I can return my phone to get my money back.  If this doesn't stop or if I don't hear of something that can be done soon about this problem, I will be taking my phone back.  I am bummed though because the camera is just awesome!

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                Hey everyone thank you very much for all your good input on this issues. Please if you see any trends, patterns, anything related to this problem, please post it here. I will be following this so we can forward the information to the proper channels. Thanks everyone!

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                  I got mine last Saturday and I love the phone but it freezes about once per day. I have the pattern unlock set up and when i move the ring to get to the unlock screen it freezes and only shows half of that unlock page, horizontally. It's like one side is cut off. Phone has to be restarted every time. I may try to exchange it and see if it is just this specific handset that has the problem.

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                    I have had this issue with my HTC Amaze 4G also. I had deleted all the apps. Did the factory reboot. Changed out the battery and I even exchanged the phone for a new handset and I still have this issue. It's sad to see that it is going on with this phone, too. HTC said it was a known issue for the Amaze. I guess they have to add the One S to the list also. Hopefully HTC figures out what is causing this issues before they put out any more new phones now that it isn't specific to a certain phone.

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                      I've had my phone for close to a month (I got it Day One) and it's doing the same thing. It has been pretty much all along, although I can't say 100% that it did so with no additional apps loaded. It happens several times a day...I've noticed other things which may or may not be related.  I frequently get the red wifi calling app with "SIM ER05 Invalid SIM card."  This with the new micro-SIM that came with the phone. However I don't always get that, and I've used WiFi calling successfully before. Bluetooth performance with my stereo is at times spotty, lots of drop-outs, but that frequently happens right before the phone resets. Usually (ie. after a reset) it is fine. Related to this, if it's going to have problems, it will often connect to the other device, then almost immediately disconnect, and then (sometimes) re-connect, but then it will usually have problems and end up resetting. However it's not always when using Bluetooth, as I've seen it happen sort of randomly. Usually though, the phone starts to get sluggish and I know it's coming.


                      I was going to go back to the store and have them replace it, but I'm skeptical that it's an individual phone problem at this point. Anyone know if HTC is involved?  I suspect the fix, whatever it is, will have to come from them. When it works, it's the Best Phone Ever.  But I can't handle all these resets. I've had previous HTC phones (G1, MyTouch 4G) and none of them had issues like this out of the box.

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                        I've had this phone for about 2 weeks. I am on my second one (I exchanged it for another to see if I just had a bad unit). This has been a constant problem on both phones. The phone crashes at least once a day.


                        I have found it is mostly happening when the phone is in my pocket. I'll feel it vibrate and when I take it out, it is restarting and shows a crash report in the notifications. Usually when this happens the phone is also unusually hot. I have kept phones in my pockets for years and never had this problem (including several other HTC android phones). One of the things that I thought might be contributing to this is my lock screen settings (live weather wallpaper displaying the clock). Also noticed that the phone will reboot if you hold down the power button for a set amount of time (even if it is locked). I thought that was odd.


                        Also noticed the phone having problems in the car. I am not sure if it because of the Bluetooth or location. I have noticed it restarting in a similar location while driving several times. Which I thought could be caused when the signal switches from 4g to 3g.


                        Other than this problem, I love this phone, I really do not want to get a different one. Hoping HTC or someone can provide a fix.

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                          I am having the same problem with mine as well as my wife's one s, I have disabled the wifi on both devices and they have been stable for over 24 hours now.. we are using the wifi calling feature, so I will try turning wifi back on and disabling the wifi calling.


                          I have been in contact with HTC about this, and a very nice young woman stated that this issue is being escalated..


                          from my perspective telling T-Mobile is great, but telling HTC is better.


                          HTC Support for North America


                          866-449-83586am to 1am EST7 days a week
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                            I do notice mine restarts as well, I also had a problem that came up couple times stating that I do not have a sim card... Strange since I have the new sim card in there. also if Wifi calling is enabled and you restart the phone it will say that I have a wrong sim card (as others have mentioned)

                            Until yesterday tho it had not restarted for couple weeks.

                            I got my phone some 5 days after it came out. I had at one point taken out the sim card blew into the little hole which had seemed to fix A: telling me I had no sim card B: random restarts.  until I went hiking over the weekend... I do use a case for the phone so I doubt there was dust in there but still did it to be safe,

                            I did noticed also yesterday that if I used task manager to kill applications, that my phone would do the restart thing again. So to me it seems as long as you let do what it wants to do, it'll work fine.  And everything else does works fine,

                            I LOVE This phone. But coming from an Iphone user, I'm just a bit worried after it does these random little things


                            I did contact HTC when my problems first occured, the only thing they told me repeatdly is to reset the phone, which to me makes no sense, if the software does not work to begin with... then why re install it with the same bugs??


                            I'm thinking some simple software updates should fix these issues

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                              Me too.  It's happened 3 times in the last week I think.  The phone will be in my pocket and I get the startup jingle.


                              My gut tells me it's when it realizes I'm out of the WiFi signal I was in because I also see other WiFi issues - constantly trying to connect when the signal is strong (sometimes turning wifi off and back on allows it to connect but once or twice a phone reboot has been required).  I've also seen goofy WiFi issues where I drive from home into the office and WiFi still shows me connected to my home network which is 10 miles away.  Turn WiFi off and back on again and it might connect.  It may show signal strength poor but it may instantly toggle to excellent (19Mbps) without even moving the phone.

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                                OK, the more I play around with this the more convinced I am that it is, in fact, WiFi related, as others have surmised. I had hoped simply turning off WiFi calling would do it...and it seemed to, yesterday, however I realized that for some reason the WiFi at work wasn't connecting.  I was fine until I got home, and then left again, and sure enough as it left WiFi range it reset. I've since turned WiFi off, and it has not reset since then. I'm going to leave it off today and see what happens...if it doesn't reset today that will be the first in a long time with no resets.


                                I just hope this is a software fix and not hardware...a phone with no WiFi is borderline useless to me.

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                                  I am having this problem too. I notice it mostly when I am trying to download something to my phone. It will restart and often times it gets stuck during the restart and just shows a white screen with an HTC logo. I keep sending error reports because the phone recognizes the crash. I am really getting sick of it! I I only have 4 apps on there that I had on my previous phone and NEVER had any issues with them before. This also causes my downloads to fail and totally defeats the purpose of having a phone that is suppose to be able to download things at a fast speed.


                                  There are quite a few features that I do enjoy about this phone but I am starting to wonder if it is really worth the trouble. When it does this it also drops my wifi and bluetooth. I am glad to know that it is not just me and am hoping that this is something that will be fixed since it doesn't seem to be just me.

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                                    My random reboot issues certainly are not download-related.  Every time it's happened to me, it's been in my pocket and never when I'm sitting still - either walking or driving away from my WiFi coverage.

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