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    Genius button failure

      I am unable to retrieve the voice activated option to call or send a text.  When I press the genius button it flips through the screen and returns to my main screen.

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          a restart usually fix this kinda thing if not master reset

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                 @ppalacios0624  I'm sorry to hear about that.  When was this feature last working for you?  Shyguysng is correct, as I power down my device once per day, but also make sure to clear items that can harm the device before doing the master reset.  Sometimes, just clearing application data from used applications, uninstalling third-party applications that may be harmful to the device, clearing long text threads and browser cache/cookies/history before a soft reset can eliminate this problem without having to do the master reset.  Should a master reset be needed, know that it will not delete items saved to your SIM card, SD card or Gmail account.  please let us know if you need any additional assistance and have a great day.





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              I tried calling tech support with Tmobile and the tech told me to delete the program.  He said he would call back because that did not help.  He never called back.


              I've tried restarting the phone and that didn't help.


              I went to the Tmobile store and was told that I needed a "patch."  That store didn't have one so I will need to find a store with a "patch."


              I am afraid to do a master reset.  I have a lot of photos that I need to copy.


              Thanks for your help.

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                I will try the master reset after I copy photos.


                I found a video that gave instructions on how to reset the phone.  I sure hope that helps. 


                Thanks for your help.

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                  @ppalacios0624:What error are you seeing when you are trying to start Genius Button? As tmo_mike_s said clearing the application data for Genius Button might fix the issue. Can you please try it and see it that works?