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    Rocket 4G Broadband Stick Will Not Install

      Dell XPS-15 Laptop, running Vista Ultimate, Norton 2011.  T-Mobile Connection Manager installed fine but then error message indicates the drivers failed to install.  PC is apparently not recognizing ZTE's Rocket.  T-Mobile diagnostics indicate 4 error codes:  2-Firmware, 4-SIM, 6-Upload, 7-Download. 


      Have uninstalled and reinstalled several times, using all three USB ports.  Dell Wireless LAN is turned OFF via switch on laptop (and has been throughout these efforts, as instructions suggested).  When error message about the drivers appears I've tried all possible options to resolve, including searching on the stick and C:\  drive.


      The Rocket 4G has a decent signal... green light flashing once, about every 3 seconds.  There is no "Connect" button showing on the T-Mobile connection manager, nor any signal strength icon.


      It has been activated via phone and has a T-Mobile number.  T-Mobile tech support has not been able to resolve this problem and referred me to manufacturer, ZTE.   Their call center (India?) was hard to understand.  They suggested that I uninstall the Dell laptop's Broadcom Wireless card drivers (based on their opinion that those existing drivers might be interferring with the T-Mobile driver installation).  I'm reluctant to do that without first getting other opinions.


      The stick is OK, as it installed properly on an HP desktop also running Vista (64-bit) and Norton 2011.  Following installation of the T-Mobile Connection Manager it indicated drivers were  being installed.  Then the Connect button and signal strenght icon appeared.  I then uninstalled it from the desktop.


      Instead of completely uninstalling the Dell wireless on my laptop as the folks at ZTE recommended, perhaps there is a straightforward way to prevent it from loading.  If the T-Mobile 4G card then installed successfully, I could reactivate the Dell Broadcom wireless feature, used for my home WLAN.


      Has anyone had a similar problem with incomplete installation of the T-Mobile Rocket 4G software?

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          • Check hardware manager to make sure the ZTE device is showing up in Network Adapters


          • Rather than uninstalling Broadcom, you can "disable" it in windows hardware manager, which is easily reversible (you can enable/disable hardware without completely removing it)


          • The blinking green light means that the device has not established any data session with T-Mobile. Blue is the color you are going to want to see. The data session has likely not established due to whatever hardware conflicts are preventing the network adapter driver from installing or working properly.
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            THANKS for your input.  ZTE's 4G stick was not being recognized as a network adaptor.  I elected to try using SysConfig to temporarily remove the Dell Wireless LAN Card Network Tray Applet from the "Startup" list, a move easily reversed.  After rebooting, the Rocket 4G drivers loaded and the Connection Manager suddenly had a "Connect" button and signal strength meter (showing 4 bars).  In addition I received a "welcome" message from T-Mobile and the stick's menu showed its phone number for the first time.  Houston, we have ignition.


            I reversed the SysConfig startup change to once again include the Dell WLAN card, and rebooted.  Both the T-Mobile broadband and the Dell WLAN feature continued to work fine.  Happy ending.


            Perhaps T-Mobile's tech support folks can add this to their bag of tricks, as it's very simple and does not involve messing with the Registry, or uninstalling anything (as ZTE wanted me to do).    I don't know if it's unique to Vista or to Dell (I don't have anything good to say about tech support for either) but I imagine others have had the same frustrating problem trying to install their Rocket 4G broadband stick.

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              Awesome! That is very good feedback. Thanks for taking the time to document the resolution. 

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                same problem with new Dell and Windows 7.  The stick ZTE (Rocket) 4G did fine with old Dell and a Sony Vaio.  But it will not be recognized by the Dell.  I have called Dell...everything is working well...I get the same green light but nothing blue...which is what I get when it has worked.  Everyone wants to blame everyone else.





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                  Sorry to hear that you are having issues with your web stick The blinking green light indicates 2 things:

                  1 - The device is getting power from the PC.

                  2 - The device is registered to the network but not connected.


                  Green, blinking twice every 3s

                  Your Laptop Stick is powered on

                  Green, blinking once every 3s

                  Your Laptop Stick is registered to a GSM/GPRS/EDGE network

                  Blue, blinking once every 3s

                  Your Laptop Stick is registered to a 3G network

                  Green, always on

                  The GPRS/EDGE connection is set up

                  Blue, always on

                  The 3G connection is set up


                  Your Laptop Stick has been removed from your computer



                  Depending on the error that you are getting on the WebConnect manager program, You may want to try and uninstall and reinstall the program as a whole.

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                    The blue-green light code is additional info that may help some users.  As the narritive indicates, I managed to get it working with my cranky Dell XPS-15 and Vista.  When I subsequently acquired a new Lenovo Thinkpad with Win7, all attempts failed including uninstalling and reinstalling the software several times.  My efforts on that PC are documented in another thread on this site...  Rocket 4G Stick Will Not Install on Lenovo T520 Laptop


                    I really like the T-Mobile 10-day plan, as I travel perhaps 5 times a year on one-week business trips and it would give me basic connectivity for communications and information searches, at very low cost.   However, I've given up on using T-Mobile's Rocket 4G device with my Lenovo and would gladly trade it for a T-Mobile 3G device (which I assume would not be so cranky), or sell it cheap.