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    Micro SD card vs Amaze on phone storage..

      okay got the Amaze and I understand that there are Three different storage areas on the phone....  One being the internal 2.1gb app storage... Two being the 9.6 gb SD Storage and then lastly  my micro SD card....  My question is how do i get access to the micro sd card part on my phone...  When i put music on my phone or a pic or video  it always puts it on the Sd Card built into the phone   not my micro sd card....  i looked in the settings and cant seem to figure out how to change the detinations for music and pic files etc....   please help... thanks

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          The device has 1GB RAM, 16GB internal memory, a MicroSD external memory slot where you can put your own memory card in, up to 32GB.  The RAM is used to run the applications and the internal  memory/ external memory card can be used to store your media. You can use these steps to learn how to transfer files from your PC to your phone.

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            If you have the Micro SD card in does it automatically default saved images, video and music there?  I never noticed until today that my phone says:


            Internal Storage:  Total Space  2.34GB


            Phone Storage:  Total Space 9.75GB


            SD card: Total Space 14.83GB


            Why does the "Phone Storage Total Space" read 9.75GB, if in fact the phone has 16GB?

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              I've been frustrated by the same problem  mmueller408 describes. Unfortunately tmo_chrisl does not address it. The question is not how to transfer files between the PC and various storage types of the phone, but how to configure the camcorder and camera apps to store their video and photo files on the removable micro SD card instead of their default locations on the built-in SD card. Most decent apps have their setup options where the directories used by the apps can be changed by the user, instead of just being stuck with some default directories. But I don't see any way to change storage locations for those two apps even though they tend to use more storage than most apps. This, for instance, pretty much limits how much video recording one can do while a 32 GB microSD card sits in there pretty much unused. How did these apps ever pass a usability test??? I just hope ICS is going to fix this.

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                My phone has been "automatically" defaulting all images and video to my Micro SD card.  I could not find an option to change where to save either.  Strange...

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                  I've just made another quick video to check this and strangely, I also found it stored in the DCIM->100MEDIA folder of the microSD card. Interesting ... Same thing happens now with the camera shots. They used to be stored in the /mnt/sdcard/DCIM directory before, which is part of the built-in SD card. I wonder what I did that caused this desired change. The only thing I can think of was that I reconfigured the directories in the ASTRO file manager's own Setup menu and made the microSD card (/mnt/sdcard/ext_sd) its home directory. I am old hand when it comes to computers and operating systems, including Linux, but I still find Android less user friendly than it could be. These configuration options should be more transparent than they are now. I hope ICS solves most of these problems because if not, I'll be seriously looking for a Window phone next time.

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                    To default the storage location for your videos and pictures taken with your Amaze's camera or camcorder open that specific app than touch the menu soft key the one with the 4 lines next to the home key, the application setup screen will pop up on the lefts side or right side depending on how your holding ttoh Amaze, scroll down until you see Storage press that and select Storage card to save to your micro sd card choose Phone to save them to your phone's internal storage. If I have helped you say thank you.

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                      Got it, thank you.

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                        Not a problem.

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                          Problem for me because I feel pretty dumb for not thinking of scroling down that option list and see what I was looking for. Now I can live out the rest of my days in shame. :-(