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    Software update V10r-MAR-13-2012 problem

      I never got the OTA update. What could have caused this, my phone is not now nor has it ever been rooted. I've done a complete factory reset and never received it. I've talked to multiple tmobile reps via the only chat tool and they cannot give me a clear answer. My phone has been having problems that this update is said to fix, so I would like to get the update without having to wait until the 21st (at the earliest) to do it manually.

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          just have to be patient i got it May 2 2010 over the air , my wife got it this saturday May 7 2012 this week .

          My phone was fine before the upgrade and mess it up after , Tmobile actually shipping me a new mytouch after i showed them my phone at the store

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            Might try restarting the phone my sons was sent the update after i shut it down and restarted it ran the update and the phone works better than it did before! I did work fine before the update too but is snappier now.

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              Unfortunatly, I've tried restarting and have even gone as far as doing a factory reset. When I go to settings : about phone : software update : update now, I keep getting the message "Current version is the latewt version." I find this to be weird because I used to get a error message stating an authentication error. However, I know I'm not on the newest software as I am still running Android 2.3.4 on version number V10r-OCT-11-2011.

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                Also, on LG Forums, I was instructed to plug in my phone to the LG updater tool at least once a day to check for the update manually, as LG won't tell anyone that it's updated until about a week after it's done, so I've been doing that as well to no avail

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                  i didnt get the push until a day after they said they were doing them. dont sweat it if you dont get it soon you can manually dl it soon enough. mine came thru on the 5th which is days after they said you should recieve it.

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                    yea I know, and I'm trying not to sweat it...I just wish that if they say something is going to happen within a certain time frame that it will happen within that time frame and not drag on for weeks afterwords. and it's not just T-Mobile, it's LG too. I just want my phone to stop acting up (which, of course, about 1 billion other people with the same thing).

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                      this phone isnt bad my son likes it. it was mine but i went to the Nokia Luma 710 and havent looked back far better than any of the android phones i have in the house.

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                        You can always go to the store and let them check and upgrade you phone

                        If they cant fix it maybe they will replace your LG mytouch with a new one just like they did mine

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                          hissvt2, you're right, it isn't a bad phone and I actually like it a lot better than the HTC MyTouch 3G I had, well aside from all the bloatware. It's a great phone for the price.


                          shyguysng, I've actually already gone to the store, they said they cannot force the update. And since the problems I'm having is repotedly fixed by the update, they will not try to replace it until I get the update and see if the problems are fixed. So more or less, what they're telling me is until I get lucky and get the OTA or LG updates their Updater Tool to do it manually, I'm **** out of luck

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                            Reaves ,


                            The store idea wasnt really mine it was from mike_s T-force ( one of the mod here )


                            If you would feel more comfortable you can do the update at a T-mobile store so that the rep can see it go through and make sure that we will stand behind her device for any available warranty just like yours.






                            Im sorry I couldnt help u more , just wait hope u get the update you need , i like lg mytouch too

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                              Hello reaves1986,


                              Hope you don't have to wait too long. A few things to check that might impact how soon the update comes to you: Do you have a data plan on your mytouch? Is your device memory very low? It sounds like you tried a master reset recently, so your memory probably is ok, but wouldn't hurt to check.


                              Either way, the update will be available to download manually on the 21st, check this page for updates.

                              Thanks for your patience, hang in there.



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                                Yes, I have an unlimited data plan on my mytouch with a 2GB 4G data cap (unlimited 2G). In the running applications tab, it shows: RAM: 307 MB used, 69.8MB free. When I restart my phone, this can jump as high as 93MB free. in the installed apps section it says: Installed applications: 16; Phone storage: 218MB used, 790MB free; Internal storage: 690MB used, 3.01 GB free. So I don't think it is a memory or data plan issue. My current stats are Model number: LG-E739; Android version: 2.3.4; Build number: GRJ22; Software version: V10k-OCT-11-2011. I check the software update function on my phone daily as well as the LG Updater Tool daily to check to see if I can get the update but nothing ever works. Why would the phones internal software update tool show that my phone is running on the current version when it is very clear that there is a new version released and floating around out there?

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                                  i dont have data and got it like i said above on the 5th youll get it have patience.

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                                    I still haven't got the OTA as well - auth error. But even if it did come in, I wouldn't dl it anyways. I have no issues with my phone and I'm happy to wait until it is available to download manually. I feel for ya though - especially so if you think the OTA has fixes you need. Be patient. You'll get it.

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