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    Original Tmobile firmware

      Does anyone know where I can DL the original Tmobile Springboard.  I tried the 4.0 firware from Huwei and it works great, but I have lost 4G.  Anyone have any tips??

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          Not really.

          They typically don't post that information or ROM available online.

          If it is giving you problems I would get in contact with Huawei to see if they can send you the file or have them reflash it if their software is not working right on your device.

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            Honestly I don't know that you have lost 4G. Try running Speedtest. My tablet no longer says 4G  (it only will say 3G:) but I seem to still have 4G speeds when I run speedtest on it. I just think "4G" is a label not used much in Europe.




            Although I do admit it would be nice to have the original firmware if I ever decide to sell and want it to be back in its original pristine self.

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              Thanks, I ran Speedtest on it, and it is now actually blowing my HTC Sensation out of the water on speeds. It is definetly running 4G speeds, but is just displaying 3G.  ICS is NICE on the Springboard

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                How did you upgrade the firmware to 4.0 and which one?  Are all the features working except for the 4G notification?  Are you able to make phone calls and have SMS messages come through?

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                  I went to the Huawei website and downloaded the 4.0 upgrade on the General Channel. The zip will even tell you about how to do the firmware update (don't know if TMobile would want us to give instructions here) but check it out at XDA:




                  I think if you have a sims with a phone plan on it it may work as a phone. I left the sims I have in it. I get a Voicemail notification and if I touch it I get a loud announcement that I don't have a phone plan. However SMS messaging works just great. And your friends will see the message as from the number associated with your account.


                  4G notification sometimes shows up as H (for HSPA) but the speeds are just fine.

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                    I upgraded the OS to 302U and everything works (calling, SMS) EXCEPT for the browser if you're using the SIM card exclusively, it would only let you access the TMo web site, it does work on wifi however.  I guess I'll just tether the Springboard to my Android phone for the browser function but that essentially negates the original function of the Springboard.  In the end you gain the benefit of calling/sms but loose the browser, ironic.  Do I regret changing the firmware?  Yes and No.

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                      I found a site that posted the TMo ICS firmware update no thanks to TMo and Huawei.  I do miss the phone and voicemail features of Huawei's v302a but it's all good.  You can call out using 'Bobsled Calling' program thru the Springboard but unfortunately you can't receive calls... yet.

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                        Where did you find the original firmware and were you able to switch back to it? I'm running the S7-301uV build, which works fine. But I would rather have the T-mobile version in case i need to send it in.

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                          It's a large file.  I do have a copy on my laptop just in case something goes wrong with the Springboard.  I don't know if TMo will let me link the site where I found it.