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    my touch 4g software update

      hi i have htc my touch 4g and its current android system is 2.2.1 with software number 1.17.531.2, now when i connected it to the internet then a message is displayed showing that "system update is available". so what i am basically asking is that if i click the update button and when the update is successfully done the will it be automatically updated to the android version 2.2.3 i.e the gingerbread or not.. please help me out as soon as possible so that wether i update my phone or not.   thanks

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          Do not do the upgrade yet.  I did it last week and my phone reboots in the middle of calls and gives me "force close" messages in the middle of apps.  I haven't figured out the pattern yet.  It may be a particular app that is misbehaving.  Either way, give HTC a month or so before you upgrade to get all the kinks out.  Everytime it gives me the force close, I send them the error details so they can work through their issues.  It is good that you asked.

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            The same thing happened to me last week and I had the same version you have now. I accepted the update and I now have Gingerbread. Plug your phone into the recharger first. It will take a while (15 minutes to a half hour) and will require restarts. It's a 2 stage process - first the OTA and then the full update. I think it's worth it and my phone works fine. My husband's phnone (also MyTouch 4G)) got the update last month and it's been fine. It's the same upgrade they've been rolling out for a while.

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              Hi timy_roz,

                   All of the information you need on the software update can be found here. Once complete, your phone will be updated to the most recent Android version that is available for your device.