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    Indicator on phone


      I am new here so let me apologize if this has been covered on this board before (although it did not show up in a search). While overseas for the winter, my phone died, so the replacement I bought was a Samsung Galaxy

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          Sorry for the truncated post, please bear with me as I finish.

          The replacement phone I bought is a Samsung Galaxy SII, I uile pgraded to the ICS OS via Kies while still overseas. Obviously this is the international model GT-I9100 rather than the T-Mobil domestic US version. When I got back to the US, I put my T-Moble SIM in and everything works fine, except for a courious indicator for data connectivity. When overseas with a local SIM in, I get all the normal indicators for data connection, E, G, 3G, H, and H+ depending on only my coverage. Back here with the US T-Mobile SIM I only get the E indicator, however, based on performance, it seems that I get full 4G connection speeds very fast downloads, the status in settings show that I have an EDGE:2 mobile network type. Is this something to expect because I have the international version of the phone, or is there a setting I need to make to fix my indicator?

          Thanks for any help

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            The International version doesn't have T-Mobile's 3G/4G antenna, so you should only be getting EDGE speeds.


            If it's faster than you expect, great.


            But, you won't get anything besides E.

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              T-Mobile is updating some areas of their network over the next year to support (I think) the 1900 spectrum, which your international GS2 should be able to use just fine for 3G/4G. Maybe you'll get lucky and your area will be one of them.