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    So Agrivated...any advice?

      I puchased a My Touch 4G. I currently reside in Clovis, N.M. I have had so many issues with this phone, it's unbelievable. I have called several times to suppport in reference to texting. This is crazy...never had this happened before....ever. I would begin to text...one word would complete, then space to begin typing the second word, then the first word would completely erase.....GONE!!! My dictionary or whatever you call it when u text and the word is available for you prior to completing was nonfunctional, which still is. Even the speech to text is very difficult to retrieve and takes forever. I could have a novel completed before I get a sentence completed with speech to text. I know I must be terrible, however I am very frustrated and angry that T-Mobile has not offered me something to compensate for all of this trouble. I have a 4G phone and only receive 2G service. I cannot access half the time, internet services, market,...etc. Now, I have complained and complained to support. Finally, they had me do a master reset. I am able to text, however my dictionary is still nonfunctional, unable to get online to market, internet...etc. Still getting 2G service, which I complained about and they were suppose to check. Now meanwhile, I am paying for an unlimited plan, which I do not get 4G, unable to access internet more than half of the time, I do not benefit a quarter of the services paid for and still no resolve. I paid a pretty penney for this phone, I have never dropped it, it has never been wet, has a strong outer cover to protect the phone, I purchased one of those screen protectors so it wouldn't get messed up. I have been needing to call T Mobile again regairding my phone after the master reset, but I have been so incredibly busy with work and moving...I have not been able to follow through with them. The big clencher is...I have been with T Moblile, a faithful customer since 2004, and they can't do something for me?  Wow. Please tell me what you think, because I am at my wits end. Please advise....I do not know what to do at this point. Thank you so very much.

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          If the text dont show up it usually means the swype just crash and need to be restart

          Or change the input to android then change it back again to swype

          The voice text need practicing

          If your unable to connect to the market

          first do you have a gmail account ? you will need it to access market

          Second you need a good signal over the air If not have you tried wifi ?

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            On voice text, it just takes forever to respond. As far as the market, I do have gmail acct, but still cannot log into market. It's very frustrating. Also use wifi and it still takes awhile to access internet, or it will say connection error. Thank you so much for your input.

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              Hey Lexusbe,



              We apologize for the troubles that you have been having with your device Most of the problems that you are having are related to a poor data connection. Can you please tell me what type of data coverage you have on our map? Please be sure to select "Data coverage map". 



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                I cannot comment on the signal related problems above but my third LG MyTouch continues to exhibit a problem where you what you type does not show or operates intermittently.  It doesn't matter if you shut the phone off and restart it.  I have had to just quit trying to send an email from the native application due to this trouble on many, many occasions.  For example, you start to type and get the first few letters/words and then nothing happens even though you press the keyboard repeatedly.  The language hasn't changed nor have I switched to numerics but just on the letter screen using Swype.  I may try turning off Swype just to see if that's what the problem is for this line of equipment.  I consider this to be a chronic issue with the LG MyTouch after experiencing it on three different samples!