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    Leaked ICS and OTA update

      I have a stock "s-on" Amaze. If I install the leaked ICS, would I still recieve the OTA update when it becomes available or not? Thanks in advance.

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          Good question.  I would like to know the answer too.

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            No because the leaked version is the official version. If you want to wait and not void your warranty, that's on you. For those like me that don't pay for insurance, feel free to download it at will

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              not paying for insurance has no bearing on your 12 month manufacturer's warranty that comes with the phone at no additional cost.  the warranty is voided when you root your phone.  you would actually be better off to have insurance so you can get your phone replaced if you brick it

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                you do not root the phone for the updatw so it is still stock. the question remains unanswered.

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                  Installing any ROM manually will result in the phone running non-T-Mobile software. T-Mobile has never supported software they do not specifically put on your phone, and changing the operating system means your phone is unsupported, out of warranty, and will not get official updates.


                  The only way to install supported software is Menu > Settings > About > Software updates or accept an OTA.

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                    While Mike is right that T-Mobile don't have information to support the new software (yet) that does not mean that hope is lost.

                    If this is by chance the same software that they will officially release you would still get updates. If they change something and this was not meant to be released to public there may not be a step up update for future that would automatically come down to your phone but require you to downgrade.

                    It may/may not void the warranty with T-Mobile but as long as you are both S-On and still locked (not htcdev unlocked) the warranty for the hardware still is valid with HTC that if you have a problem you could have them repair or replace it instead.

                    Had them advance replace my Nexus One before and was ok.

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                      Since this isn't the official update, it is likely that that another version with a higher version number and bug fixes will likely be released ota to everyone once it is complete and ready.  Based on previous experience, the OTA upgrade will just overwrite this leaked version. The only reason to go back to an older operating system, and then forward again to ICS  would be if something very seriously was wrong or didn't work. 

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                        If there is a new version that comes out and you manually flashed this you probably what get the new one automatically.

                        Saw happen with the my touch 4g

                        The update probably won't have a upgrade path from ics to new version since was never meant to be released but only from froyo. May have to downgrade to upgrade if a newer one comes out.

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                          You should still recieve the ota updates because it is a t-mobile signed update, now granted this is a developers version that is ment for the "pre-soak" test to find bugs befor actual release. I am not sure if the actual update will be made avaliable for manual update download but should be easy to upgrade to the compleat ICS update. If you have a problem with the phone befor the final update and you still have a locked bootloader and s-on you should be able to downgrade back to GB.