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    HTC One S constantly freezing and rebooting



      My HTC One S constantly freezes and then automatically shuts down and reboots.  I noticed it happening whenever I do something that requires data, such as downloading an app from the Play Store, playing a game, accessing webpages or other data enable apps.  It will start accessing the app or downloading the app and then it will freeze, the screen will turn black, and then it will reboot.  This has happened a lot, and it's not caused by an app, as it started happening before I even installed any apps. 


      On another note, this is the second HTC One phone I got.  The 1st one did the exact same thing.  I am wondering if it's a wifi issue or something else.  I don't think I could have 2 phones that do the same thing especially since none of my apps are the problem.


      Is anyone else having this issue?




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