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    Has your Galaxy SII gone funky?


      I felt obligated to post this for all those owners out there who have noticed that their SGS2 isn't resonding like it did when it was new. I was having spontaneous reboot problems, general slowness, and occassional funkiness.  I call Tmo tech support and was introduced to Steve. Steve suggested that I turn my phone all the way off (hold down power button until menu appears and choose "Power Off"). Hold down the up/down volume buttons while pushing the power button until the phone vibrates; blue writing eventually appears at the top of the screen. Using the down volume button scroll down to 'wipe cache partition" then tap the home button. Wait till the yellow writing says the cache wipe is complete and "reboot system now" is highlighted in the blue writing; then, tap the home button again. The phone reboots and it's a snappy young thing again! No settings or program info is disturbed.