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      • 90. Re: G2X Software Update

        Neither of those resets is going to help get the update.  You'll either have to wait to see if the OTA is pushed to you again, or as gandecab said, wait until May 14 when you can do the update manually.


        Personally, I would wait until May 14 to do the manual update (and not accept the OTA).  There've been a few too many people that have had problems after doing the OTA update.

        • 91. Re: G2X Software Update

          I've got this problem too...  Says there is insufficient space but there's plenty of space in internal app memory, internal storage, and the SD card...  Already tried clearing the cache and data for Google Play to no avail...  Does anyone have any suggestions how to fix this?  I can't update existing apps and can't download new apps.  I have tried uninstalling large apps and can't even re-install them.

          • 92. Re: G2X Software Update

            This is my same exact problem.  I haven't reset the phone yet cause I'm honestly ****** I should have to do it. 


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              Dear T-mobile and LG,

                   GIVE US AN ANSWER FOR THE INSUFFICIENT DISK SPACE MESSAGE. It is pathetic that not one representative has even acknowledge this as an issue, it's not like I can ask for help at a T-mobile store seeing as how they no less than we do about the problem. There is no way of reverting to the previous kernal version and I am now stuck with a phone that can not install or update application. I'm within my one year warranty and want a new phone if this isnt addressed by May 14!

              • 94. Re: G2X Software Update

                Try going to settings ~ applications ~ manage applications

                click "download manager" force close and clear date

                Go back one screen

                Click google play store force close, clear data, uninstall updates

                Reboot the phone and try again

                If that don't work you will need to master reset.

                this is assuming you have over 100 mb free for applications and also free space on internal and external (if you have) memory cards too.

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                  I had the same problem after the OTA and a hard reset. It happened when the system was trying to reinstall my apps.


                  I simply did a battery pull, waited a few minutes, and turned it back on. This worked great, and it cleaned up some. force-closes I had been getting.


                  It may not work for you, but it fixed it for me.


                  As a side note: I also got a new sim because mine was very very old. Don't know if this had anything to do with it or not.

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                    I was struggling with this problem on my wife's G2x after the OTA update. Ultimately these were the steps needed to correct the market download problem:

                    Step 1: Sync Data and Back-up everything you need that is on the phone's memory

                    Step 2: Settings->Applications->Manage Apps

                    Step 3: Select Playstore/Market App and clear data

                    Step 4: Select Download Manager App and clear data

                    Step 5: Turn off phone

                    Step 6: Hold Volume Down Button and Power Button (KEEP THEM PRESSED DOWN)

                    Step 7: Release the buttons only after the image of the white box/yellow arrow/green android disappears

                    Step 8: Initiate phone as if it was the first time in use

                    Step 9: Test download from market (market should update to playstore during first download session)


                    Post your results please... good luck

                    • 97. Re: G2X Software Update

                      Looks like LG screwed the pooch with this update like they've done with support for this phone since it came out. I think I'll stick with CM7, await CM7, and pass this update completely.

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                        The update actually is pretty good. The market problem is very common when upgrading roms (including CM7 based). The problem is easily solved with the app data clear and factory reset. The G2x has been a nightmare so far. If you ask me the update us a net positive.

                        • 99. Re: G2X Software Update

                          I agree, this update IMO is very stable and solid. I had the market (Play Store) problem but clearing the cache and data cleared it right up. I have over 120 apps install and it is still very quick with response.

                          • 100. Re: G2X Software Update

                            After performing the steps mentioned earlier I must say the G2x is more stable and, most importantly, the battery life is much, much better. Overall performing the update has been a net plus.

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                              mr_strat wrote:


                              Looks like LG screwed the pooch with this update like they've done with support for this phone since it came out. I think I'll stick with CM7, await CM7, and pass this update completely.

                              ** sigh **  Not sure how the OTA update would be LG's fault since it's coming through T-Mobile.  Not one person that did the update through the LG support tool had any problems upon completion of the update (at least, I haven't seen any posts about it).  So, apparently, it is T-Mobile that is having problems with the update.

                              • 102. Re: G2X Software Update

                                Thanks, blek42!  That procedure worked for me!

                                • 103. Re: G2X Software Update

                                  TMO may be pushing it out, but LG wrote the code.

                                  • 104. Re: G2X Software Update

                                    mr_strat wrote:


                                    TMO may be pushing it out, but LG wrote the code.

                                    How do you explain why the people getting the OTA are having problems after the OTA update, having to do a master reset to clear it up, but the people that updated via the LG support tool did not have any problems?


                                    ETA:  Actually, never mind, a response is not necessary.  I knew better than to feed into this, but I thought I would do it just for the heck of it.  Your negative vibe has already been noted, and I apologize to everyone else for even going there.  I'll go back to responding to those that are actually looking for help.

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