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        This might start another spark of hope here...the Motorola Cliq 2, after a year and four months of being out, just got a 2.3 update. Never say never; we might still see an update.

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          Lighting a candle is one of the easist things in life to do.   It makes perfect sense to light a candle when faced with darkness.


          But rooting a phone, re-installing app and moving them around is not, for the average person, an easy task.   And paying $60+/month to a company isn't really the same thing as darkness.  


          If you were paying $60+/month for electricity in your home and your power constantly stopped working, would you just shrug and say "oh well" and start lighting candles? 


          TMO needs to step up to the plate, admit the problems, and work with samsung to have them fixed.


          ncmacasl wrote:


          Instead of cursing the darkness, some choose to light a candle.

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            All they need to do is drop the drivers for 2.3, and Open Source community developers should fix all the issues making a TouchWiz-free build.  This would be the most stable build available, like Cyanogen always is.


            However, currently they are just making customers unhappy with a 3rd world builds that are untested, and unstable before release, but they release them anyway.


            PLEASE post 2.3 drivers so those of us who use the device for it's intended purposes can... THAT portion is probably already done!

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              I called Samsung and they said that an update is ready.  They gave me the address but I have a Mac computer and cannot do the update because of that.  My T-Moble store cannot help me.  No one knows how to do the update.  I think that as great a company as T-Moble is, the reps should be able to help their customers.  The customer service on the phone is the best of the best.


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                Can u post the address here?  if it is software,  we can upload it elsewhere for you where it will be accessible.

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                  Well at least I can report that there's no new firmware update via Kies mini.


                  Ran Kies mini today, plugged the phone in, and there is no Phone Upgrade available. 


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                    Methinks the Samsung rep was talking about the KJ2 update...which, in fact, is ready.

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