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      My Amaze is having charging issues.  It gets very warm when you charge it, sometimes it says that the battery is for example 53% charges and suddenly says is very low, for example 17%.  The charging light sometimes blinks between green and amber. I plugged to charge around 6 pm this afternoonn and at midnight it hasn't charge yet.  Also the account and sync aopp (that comes preinstalled in the phone) crashes.  And my phone is brand new i got it just 2 days ago.

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              Was the phone purchased from T-mo?  If so, call 611 and get Tech Support (better to do it through the week so you can get an English as a first language rep).  They will walk you through a few things and if it is determined that the phone is defective they should allow you to exchange it at the store for a new one. 


              As long as you a within the 2 week exchange period it can be exchanged at the store, outside that time frame you will be required to do the exchange by mail.  Meaning they will send you a refurbished phone by mail and then you will return the defective phone back to them by mail.  They will pay all cost as long as they do not determine that the warranty has been voided by you. 


              Either way it's a pretty easy process.  I had to do it 5 times with my HTC HD2. 


              Good luck.

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            Out of curiosity are you using the charger that came with the

            Amaze? This happened to me one time with my Amaze when I first

            got it but I was using the charger from my Sensation and figured out that

            the Sensation charger wasn't plugged in all the way,


            On a side note you can use a Sensation charger with an Amaze but

            you can't use an Amaze charger with a Sensation.

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              I bought it thru wirefly.

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                I'm using the one that came with the Amaze.

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                  Never had a problem with the Amaze charger but I've noticed it

                  charges faster than my other chargers.

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                    I think I found the problem. Yesterday I was fixing the contacts (not all of then transferred correctly or not at all), plus downloading some apps, setting the favorites, etc.  I switched the screen time out to never, and it was connected to the charger all the time plus it was in top of the bed.  Because of the screen being on all the time and charging at the same time it got very hot and the battery too.  The battery has a protection circuit that if it over heats it will stop charging and that why I was having the problem of the battery that was charging for one moment then not charging.  Now i need to see if I can find how to fix the accounts and sync keeps crashing althought I don't care much about that one.

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                      Hey comunica, changing your settings can definitely improve your battery life! Here's our support doc with all tips to help battery life on Android devices: http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-2721



                      What's going on with your accounts & sync exactly?



                      Thanks so much for posting!


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                        Thanks Maria but I exchanged the phone.  It was determined the phone was deffective. It was draining the battery was constantly connected to data hence getting hot, and it wasn''t the settings.  The accounts & sync app was frozen and not responding and after a while it crashed.  I went to the store and I got it replaced.  But I still love the phone and is SUPERFAST. I did a speed test and it downloading at over 7MBs and uploading at over 3.

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                          That's excellent! We're glad you are enjoying such an awesome device. Thanks for letting us know everything is up and running.