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    G2 Phone isn't charging

      First time posting, and I joined to jsut ask this question


      I have had my G2 for over a year, never had any problem with it. It has the normal wear and tear of a phone for over a year, but last month my phone simply stopped charging. I called T-Mobile, and they said the battery was probably dead, and I would need a new one, so I ordered a new battery.


      I received the new battery today--my phone had completely stopped charging, and has been dead for the last few weeks-- and thought all was well. Until I tried to charge it, I used my original stock charger, and nothing happened, just like before. I borrowed my roommates charger, again nothing happened. The problem obviously isn't the battery, but is the connection from the charger to the phone.


      Is there anyway to fix this? Or is it time for me to go buy a new phone?


      Thank you in advance.