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    Problem with the New Update V10r-Mar-13-2012

      since the update


      Phone calls keep dropping

      Cant stay connected to wifi

      wifi keep disconnecting even after restarts both router , modem and phone

      Cant backup my contacts by wifi which i can before the update

      Phone wont go to sleep not unless you manually do it

      Yes the wifi sleep policy is on "never"

      I know my phone inside and out


      Already did a master reset still the problem persist

      Is there anyway it can revert to old software

      and android 2.3.4. ?

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               We're sorry to hear that you're having problems since the update.  If this is the LG myTouch from T-Mobile, I'd just want to make sure that you are completing the Master Reset correctly, that way you can lose settings that potentially harm the device without deleting anything from your SIM card, SD card or Gmail address.  T-Mobile cannot recommend rooting your device, although many do to better personalize the operating system.  We do not have steps to take to downgrade a software version, so I am attaching this link to verify the correct reset steps are taken.







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            My wife took my cellphone to the tmobile store and they look and check . Decided I need a new one so they are replacing it with a new one free of charge ,i'll be getting it by Monday.

            The step i took was first contact Tmobile about it and they couldnt help me by the phone

            Second was contacting LG USA and they recommend me first go to the store where i got the phone because they have no idea of any upgrade version, they were really helpful and even offer to fix my phone which still under the one year warranty free of charge including the shipping

            3rd I copy all my conversation and emails from tmobile and LG , print it out and make a letter to the tmobile store employee bacause im not gonna be there better to explain what my problem is .

            I'm glad everything was resolve.

            Just an advice be careful on the software upgrade it didnt do me good


            TMO Mike : I know how to Master reset my phone , my wife and i had the same phone and i had to master reset hers once and i dont know anything bout rooting . Thanks for the reply

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              Mike ,



              My wife is not getting the same fostware upgrade and she can only postpone it 3 times what should we do ?

              Im getting a new phone LG mytouch because i have to replace mine after the upgrade mess my phone up

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                Please check your private messages, as you should have a message from me including some next steps, thank you.